Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2: Vidvaan Sharma steals all the limelight while Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes nail it as parents with a new born!


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 is the reminder of the kind of fan power a teleserial can own! We are aware of the kind of heartbreak the abrupt end to this series had brought. Twitter and Instagram were flooded by the hatred for anybody and everybody who may have even been slightly involved with the end. The fandom rejoiced with open arms when finally Shaheer Sheikh in his twitter post announced the return. There was again a series of posts by the actors and the producers overwhelming the fans. So finally after the long wait the Devakshi fans have arrived the D-Day! Yash Patnaik chairperson Beyond Dreams Entertainment is back with the second season for his hit show Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. As we are aware the prodicers have been deeply engaged with the fandom from like always, addressing to their hate, criticism and love all alike! This show has always stood for a unique thought process and has stood out amongst the very much irritating Saas Bahu sagas of today. When people argued that only drama can sell on Indian TV we have an example here with a very mature Sonakshi Bose(Erica Fernandes), extremely possessive yet low drama Dev Dixit(Shaheer Sheikh) and sometimes nerve-wrecking yet always growing Ishwari Dixit(Supriya Pilgaonkar) . So heres to the fandom who brought back the one show that promises some healthy material on Indian TV.


The plot of KRPKAB has always been something that addressed a day to day issue from our normal lives and has felt extremely relatable  and to an extent we are not ashamed to deny the fact that we have actually learnt from a hindi serial for a change- yes a guilty secret ofcourse but simply true! This time we have a very vague idea that the show would address a role reversal at home. This concept has been addressed in movies yet maybe we would see a new an real approach to it with Sonakshi at the helm of it. The episode starts with the love birds as it should because we have been waiting for just one glimpse of these two. Devakshi sleep as their Shubh wails away. They imagine he is screaming and think its just a bad dream, soon to realise their boy is actually screaming. Dev as we know has always been that supportive husband any girl would dream to have. He jumps in with the idea of learning and handling Shubh all by himself now. Sona gives in to her Obhodro. Dev with all his negatives has never come across as a chauvinist to us, even at his worst he has never controlled Sona or demeaned her in any way, so now he suggest she should start working. Sona is reluctant due to many understandable reasons first of them being Ishwari(Supriya Pilgaonkar). Sona has always known Ishwari better than Dev and this time again she is right as when Ishwari finds out about Sona starting to work she actually does not like the idea very much, the reasons are more positive this time though. Ishwari is concerned about Sona’s health as well as for Shubh. Nevertheless as soon as she senses that Sona is sad she understands and asks her to go adding “just a day” clause to it. Asha(Moon Bannerjee) too surprisingly is on Ishwari’s side this time with just the men on Sona’s side for a change. Suhana is a lovely sister who dotes on her little brother and finds it hard to go to school leaving him, Golu being her supportive partner in crime. So we have the plots set as we are introduced to all the cast with their own shades again and we know for sure that this time the little one will vouche for all the limelight.(Also Read: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi season 2 promo: Dev and Sonakshi’s story starts a new chapter)

What’s Hot 

The hottest is Devakshi ofcourse, this couple has managed to become the apple of everybody’s eyes with no too much PDA yet so much chemistry! They have it again as we see the first glimpses of the casual hugs, the forehead kisses and the cute discussions over a crying Shubh- all and more making us go Awww…The next obvious USP is the cute little kid Shubh, he is already a rage on the internet what with a vague resemblance to his onscreen father. Sonakshi Bose is the the girl one would look up to and we do thank Durjoy Dutta for her, what with the calm and control the girl has and the dialogues which compliment her tone and voice, she is indeed a package! Erica and her outfits have been under the scanner time and again, this time we do approve of what she wears as the clothes become her completely.

What’s Not

Just the first episode and today we saw the foundations laid for the plot so we find actually nothing that pricks our eyes so much. We just have a thought that this time we are not given a totally hate-able Ishwari just in case that is where this is headed too, and we hope this discussion about role reversals goes smooth without making us hate any character.


Season 2 seems a good idea if the plot develops as they plan it to and also as we hope it to, as it would be cool to see a refreshing role reversal and the issues faced addressed! Erica Fernandes is again the most soothing colour shade of KRPKAB-she is the breath of fresh air, with her to the point dialogue delivery and expressions. Bahasa Indonesia finds a debut with Shaheer seen rehearsing it on screen and we sure think the show is going to a hit there too what with Shaheer’s popularity in Indonesia.


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