Naamkarann 25th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Juhi is shocked to know about Avniel, Dayawanti plans to trap Avni


Naamkarann starts with Dayawanti elated to see Avni(Aditi Rathore) with Juhi at rangmahal. Dayawanti taunts them saying they remind her of Ayesha and Neela who loved the same man who was her own son. Avni knows where this woman is headed to and she tries to stop her but Dayawanti has to vomit the truth and she does. Dayawanti shows Juhi the pictures of Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni, Juhi is left shocked as Dayawanti enjoys the moment.  Avni warns Dayawanti to start waiting for her end as on vijaydashmi this place will come to an end and so will Dayawanti. Later Avni tries talking to Juhi who is still shocked and she asks Avni if she is trying to become great by doing this. Avni makes her understand that she is just helping Neil to get her out of this place. They join hands to save themselves and the other girls from this place forever. Ballu asks Juhi to get dressed for her dance. Neela begs Bebe to give Avni her rights and not let Avni sacrifice everything. Bebe promises Neela that Avni will not lose anything and that she herself will speak to Neil. (Also Read: Avni confesses her love for Neil unknowingly as Neil is overwhelmed to hear it)

Later Prakash informs Bebe that Avni is now stuck in a human trafficking racket and she herself got into it so she could save Juhi. Shweta is moved by this as she thinks that she never had wished this for Avni. She thinks that she did so many things yet never wished anything this bad to come over Avni. Juhi asks Avni to never go to the top floors. Dayawanti talks to Juhi and gives her a last chance as she asks Juhi to try to run from the place with Avni but Avni will remain here and she can escape and lead a life with Neil. Avni walks to the top floors and hides when she sees Dayawanti and Juhi passing by. She goes to a door and knocks and suddenly Ali screams from inside and asks whoever it is to go away. Avni is relieved to hear his voice. Neela wants to speak to Neil but then suddenly Avni’s street friends arrive asking for Avni they promise Neela all the help. Neela asks them to find out who took the papers from her cupboard. They promise Neela to let her know this soon enough.

Precap: Neil shows Ragini pandit the search warrant for rangmahal, Avni throws a smoke stick at Ballu.


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