Popular married TV actor is a flirt; rejected Bigg Boss 11 to hide reality


Colors’ flagship reality show Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial reality shows on TV. It takes a lot of guts for someone to enter the glass walled house. While some have the courage others don’t!

TellyGossip.com has some scoop around the notorious non-fiction show. This piece of news will leave your eyebrows raised for a while.

We would not really want to name anyone because of the sensitivity of the topic in hand.

The makers of Bigg Boss have been trying to rope in big celebrities for their 11 season and the list is long. We have heard that a popular TV actor was approached by the makers. The actor has been part of many TV shows including a couple dance reality show along with his starry wife who is known for throwing shades on media. The married couple is one of the most loved in the industry. However, the story ahead might make you think twice.

The actor when approached for Bigg Boss 11, refused to be part of the show. He rejected the offer directly, because he was unsure whether he would be able to keep his ‘flirtatious’ nature under control. He is aware of his wanton disposition and the kind of advances he makes towards girls in an almost compulsive manner. 

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The actor who is also touted to be a lookalike of Salman Khan doesn’t care two hoots about his marital status while pursuing or ogling at other women. Moreover, when he would be faced with people from the same industry, it is evident that they will be aware of his dalliances, what if after a heated argument with them, they happen to spill his beans on national TV? Keeping all of these things in mind, the actor was dicey about being a part of the reality TV show. He definitely doesn’t want his reality to become public.

There were rumours in the previous season that the couple was supposed to enter the show together. The actor is currently not doing anything while his better half just got free, when the plug was pulled on her recent TV show.

Well sounds like some juicy gossip!

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