Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Prabhas or Shahid Kapoor – who is the fiercest warrior of them all? Vote now!


Swish, swoop, swoosh…goes the sword and the warrior dances merry with it, killing thousands on the battlefield, marching ahead and winning it for his army. The scene has been recreated numerous times on celluloid and yet, every time we see it, it gives us the gooseflesh. Such is the impact of such scenes! Needless to say, it’s every director’s dream to choreograph a war scene that’s as iconic. But a scene of such epic proportions is only possible if the actor, taking the enemy army head-on, looks the part. He should not only convincingly pull off the costume but also ace the expressions expected of a warrior on the battlefield. We have had quite a few actors try their hands at playing a warrior. But who managed to impress you the most?

This morning, team Padmavati introduced us to yet another warrior in the form of Maharawal Ratan Singh. And boy, were we impressed! Agreed that Shahid Kapoor has always been ready to experiment with his look, but never before had he looked so regal yet fierce. The look made us think of the times when we have had actors play such epic warriors in films. But who managed to impress you the most? Let’s take a look at the ones we are talking about and then you can decide for yourself as to who won the warrior game.

Shahid Kapoor in Padmavati


While we are yet to see him battle it out against Ranveer Singh on the silver screen, the first look of the actor from the film is enough to send us in a tizzy and he has us convinced that whether he wins the war or not, he will definitely look the part while he is at it.

Shah Rukh Khan in Asoka


Remember the scary avatar of Shah Rukh Khan, where he goes on a killing spree in the battle of Kalinga, as Asoka? Well, it certainly gave us quite a few sleepless nights.

Salman Khan in Veer


Well, Salman Khan is synonymous with Prem for a lot of us who grew up in the ’90s and so, seeing him as the fierce warrior in Veer was quite a welcome change.

Prabhas in Baahubali 2 


Amarendra Baahubali, single-handedly, managed to tackle humongous armies while looking like an absolute prince, sweeping Devasena off her feet. Needless to say, we were sold!

Hrithik Roshan in Jodhaa Akbar


Why won’t all hail Akbar if he defended the nation, was just and kind and looked like a Greek God! Not only was Hrithik’s Akbar mushy and romantic, he was also a feisty warrior, who could strategise like a pro!

Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani


While the film was more of a love story, it doesn’t discount how convincing Ranveer Singh looked as the Maratha warrior, who won the battle for his king, several times. Ranveer, like in most of his roles, was absolutely a delight to watch.

Sushant Singh Rajput in Raabta


Sushant Singh Rajput had two avatars in the reincarnation drama that was Raabta. While he was suave, modern boy-next-door for the most part of the film, he was a warrior in the scenes of his past life. Sushant looked convincing as a tribal warrior but we wished we could have seen more of that role in the film.

Now that we have given you a recap of the best warrior roles in Bollywood till date, please vote and tell us as to which one did you like the most.


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