Shraddha Kapoor’s Haseena Parkar has already started making profits at the ticket windows – Here’s how


Last Friday was a mixed one for the box office. While both big-ticket releases – Sanjay Dutt’s Bhoomi and Shraddha Kapoor’s Haseena Parkar received drab reviews, Rajkummar Rao’s Newton fetched some brilliant words from the critics. Going by the reviews, many were writing off both Bhoomi and Haseena Parkar but seems like there is a silver lining after all. Shraddha’s film has managed to clock in decent numbers over the weekend, and the film has already started making profits for the makers. Confused? Let us tell you how…

Haseena Parkar has collected a total of Rs 6.1 crore at the box-office, on its first weekend. While the numbers are not very encouraging, it should be noted that the biopic on the life and times of dreaded gangster Dawood’s sister, was made on a very tight budget. The cost of production of the film is about Rs 9.7 crore and the P&A comes to around Rs 6 crore, which takes the total cost incurred by the producers to Rs 15.7 crore. Now, the music, satellite and digital rights of the film have already been sold at Rs 11.5 crore. Add to it the box-office collections and the figures stand at an impressive Rs 17.6 crore, which makes Haseena Parkar a profitable venture already.

While we are sure that the makers would want the film to mint money over the coming days, it indeed must be a relief for them to have recovered their initials, considering how the reviews for the film hadn’t been too kind. In her two-star review, BollywoodLife’s reviewer, Urmimala Bannerjee, wrote, “The biggest problem is the story. Haseena Parkar is not a docu drama like Daddy nor is it a commercial gangster entertainer like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. And it does not fare well as a biopic either. We don’t get an insight into the inner world of Dawood – Haseena nor is her journey to being an Aapa told in some detail. The film moves at break-neck speed leaving you with zero takeaways. The linear narrative gets boring after a point of time. In a film, that is supposed to trace a bro-sis story, there are no high-impact scenes between the two. We get exposed to their inner world at a very surface level.”


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