7 Salman Khan never-before revelations at Bigg Boss 11 launch


The most controversial reality show Bigg Boss is back with season 11. 

The Dabangg actor is coming back to host the 11 edition of the controversial reality show. Thanks to his antics and impeccable hosting skills, Salman and Bigg Boss have become synonymous today. With just a few days left for the non-fiction series to go on-air, EndemolShine India is leaving no stones unturned to promote the reality show. 

The Media interaction for the reality show happened today. But wait, it was not your commonplace press-conference. With the settings of the press launch amidst a cozy garden in a cooperative housing society in Andheri (a Mumbai suburb), this time things were pretty unique. The media and fanatics had to look up to catch the first glimpse surrounded by loud cheers for Salman Bhai as he looked down onto his measly fans and the shutterbugs! 

Well, the megastar dressed up in a spry blue tuxedo was standing at the porch of a high rise building that belonged to the same housing society in Andheri. 

It almost looked and felt real as the original ‘Judwaa’ star crooned two lines from his song in the film, standing at the portico of the high-rise; “Oonchi Hai Building, lift Teri Bandh Hai, Kaise Mai Aaaoo, Dil Razamand Hai…” 

All of this and TellyGossip.com’s presence assured it couldn’t possibly have been the same old run-of-the-mill affair.

Salman Khan who is known to bare his heart out remained the fulcrum of the launch throughout as he kept spilling out a lot of his innermost secrets to our reporters. The actor who is not just a great host but a loving person in reailty as well was at his candid best during the press interaction. (Salman are you listening?)

Amidst the huddle of almost inane questions from the media, TellyGossip.com brings to you the choicest bits of the interactions that happened between the papparazzos and the superstar:

Take a look:

Who is your favourite Padosi?

Waheeda Rehman is and will be my favourite Padosi.

Shah Rukh  Khan and Akshay Kumar will soon be hosting TV shows on Star Plus – will they be competition?

It will be a tough competition (pauses) FOR THEM (smiles in his inimitable manner)

Which is your favourtie Bigg Boss season?

It has to be season 5

One thing you want to omit from the format of the show?

I would want to omit the elimination that happens in the first week and at another thing is the contestants should not be Badtameez (ill-mannered)

What is that one thing that has kept you hooked to the show over the years?

Well, that would have to be the love-hate relationship that I have shared with my contestants. 

Is there any complaint that your padosis (neighours) have against you?

The only one complain that my Padosis have against me is that the fans gather outside my building create a lot of ruckus for them to stand it.

There is a buzz that you are charging 11 crores for every episode, is that true?

Salman looked with that puppy look in his eyes and a wry smile, and said “De Do 11 crore de de” (give me 11 crores) and that’s when COO, Colors – Raj Naik said “do you think Salman would come so cheap?!

And finally the Dabangg Khan in his usual Dabangg manner wrapped it all up revealing that he would never want to be a part of the Bigg Boss house and if in case he is (even if it is for a matter of two days) he will end up being in the Lonavla jail!


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