Ishqbaaz 26 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay and Anika secretly get engaged in a romantic ceremony


Dadi announces that there will not be any more drama as Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna) will directly get married in two days. Anika gets super excited and then gets embarassed. Tej asks her what about the mehendi ceremony. Dadi tells her that they will have that today. Pinky comes and asks them if they plan to invite her to their wedding. Dadi asks both of them to forget everything. Anika gets stressed to realize that she doesn’t have the wedding lehenga. Shivaay asks her to calm down, breathe and not take stress. He tells her that he has brought a ring for her. She again starts panicking. Shivaay throws a glass full of water on her. She gets miffed and empties the entire jug on his head.

He brings her closer to him and makes her wear the ring and kisses her on her hand. Anika gets extremely happy and says she really liked it. He asks her what about his ring. She pulls out a ring from her pocket. He gets surprised. She makes him wear it and kisses on his hand. He asks her to kiss him again. She does. They both share a romantic eye lock.

Next morning, Jhanvi tells Anika that she is glad to see the positive change in Shivaay. Anika goes and thanks him again for the ring. Shivaay asks Anika if she has prepared her marriage vows. She tells him that she will write it now. She goes to her room and finds it really difficult to write it. Saahil comes to her rescue. She gets super excited to see him and asks him to help her write her marriage vows. He asks her to think it through. She asks him to steal Shivaay’s vows from his room and bring it for her.

Saahil enters Shivaay’s room and starts looking for the paper. Shivaay gets shocked to see him in his room and understands that Anika has sent him to steal the vows. He removes it from his pocket and keeps it in front of him. Saahil gets shocked to see him. Shivaay asks him what’s going on. He tells him that Anika has sent him to his room. Shivaay asks Saahil to do as he says. Saahil hands the letter to Anika. She gets super excited and thanks Saahil for doing this. She opens the letter and gets shocked to read Shivaay’s note. Saahil asks her to think of her own.

Bhavya’s guards stop Rudra from entering her wedding. She comes out and takes her inside. Rudra asks her how can she get married to Maanav. Bhavya tells her that their is no point of taking a ‘flawed’ relationship ahead. He tells her that he has already apologized to her for saying that. Bhavya tells him that they had met for a mission and they just got a little close during that time but they are just friends and they should just keep it to that. Rudra asks her how many ‘friends’ has she shared the room with. She gets annoyed and tells him that he doesn’t even deserve to be her friend now. She leaves.

Rudra comes back to Oberoi mansion. Omkara and Rudra decide to keep their personal problems aside and participate in Shivaay’s wedding celebrations. At the mehendi ceremony, Shivaay asks Anika to show him her vows. She tells him that she doesn’t need a paper to memorise them. Khanna tells Shivaay that they haven’t got the Mehendi yet. Shivaay calls them and asks them to get it delivered to their house withing five minutes. Shivaay goes and apologizes to Anika for the delay. A mysterious person enters the function on a bike. Everyone gets shocked to see him. Shivaay asks him to reveal his identity. ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 25 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: ShiVika’s Chunri function happens in Daadi’s old friend’s police station


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