Naamkarann 26th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Avniel with the help of Juhi and Ali manage to trap Pandit, Neela is shocked to know Amol’s truth


Naamkarann starts with Avni(Aditi Rathore) hearing Ali’s voice from within the room and is overwhelmed as she gets inside. Ali is too shocked to see Avni in there. Avni opens Ali and then gives him a smoke bomb she tells him their plan. Later Balu taunts Avni saying Panditji has not yet arrived to meet her, Avni throws a smoke bomb there and attacks Balu and she runs out with Ali. Someone informs Panditji about the happenings at the rangmahal and she hurries to the place. As Avni and Ali almost reach out Juhi blocks their way. Pandit arrives as Juhi tells them that there is no way out. Pandit slaps Ali and Avni as she threatens Avni that Neil(Zain Imam) will never reach her. Neil sits near the transmitter and tries hearing Avni’s voice then he tells DD to get ready as they need to act now as per Avni’s cue. Pandit returns to jail and finds the prisoners really scared she asks them what is wrong but suddenly Neil walks up and shows her the search warrant. He tells her that he has caught her red handed today. ((Also Read: Juhi is shocked to know about Avniel, Dayawanti plans to trap Avni)

Later Neil asks her to be taken away and seeks his superiors permission to raid Rangmahal. He thinks of how much understanding he and Avni have. Balu threatens Avni but he soon gets informed that Pandit has been caught and trapped by Avni and Neil. They lock up Avni and Ali. Ali tells Avni that this understanding that she shares with Neil is what is called love. Avni says she never knew about love but now when she does she cannot have it. Ali asks her why she is helping Juhi when she is aware of everything, Avni says she is doing this for Neil. Juhi enters with food and tells Avni she cannot do anything more for her. She later asks her about Dayawanti’s intentions, Avni promises to tell her after they get away from here. Juhi almost tells Avni about Amol but Ali stops her. Ali thinks that he cannot let Avni be more hurt just now as he knows how Avni has done for Amol. Later Avni remembers Neil and thinks of ways to escape. Neela with the help of the street boys find out about Amol and is shocked. The boys then change Amol sim without him knowing it.


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