Naren vows to bring tears to Pooja’s eyes in Piya Albela.


Zee TV’s popular show Piya Albela produced by Rajshri Productions is currently witnessing Naren’s (Akshay Mhatre) hate story where the once love of his life has become his number one enemy.

Pooja’s (Sheen Das) departure changed Naren into a heartless man and now her arrival has brought out the worst in him. Ever since Pooja’s return things haven’t been that great for Naren. He is frustrated with the fact that she is always a step ahead of him, and that none of his plan to put her down is working.

In the upcoming episodes of the show viewers will see Naren turn to painting just like before, but unlike before this is not to express his love or liking for the small and big things in life rather to express his hatred for the woman who he once loved.

Yes, that is correct.

Naren paints Pooja’s Portrait and does a beautiful job at it. But the one thing striking about the portrait will be the tears streaming down Pooja’s cheeks. Naren expresses through his painting what he wishes to see – Tears in Pooja’s eyes. He wishes to hurt her and will be seen taking steps to do the same.

Viewers will also get to see Pooja challenge Naren yet again. Till now Pooja has been doing a remarkable job in breaking Naren’s mean streak and she will once again take up the reins to do so.

So what is the challenge?

Pooja tells Naren that she will make him – Naren go back to Supriya. As known to all Naren has cut off all ties with his mother after she joined Pooja in breaking his heart mercilessly. Pooja vows to remedy that situation and thus challenges Naren. She tell him that if she fails she will name the entire business of her husband Mr. Kapoor (Alleged Husband) in his name.

Will Pooja win the challenge?

Stay Tuned.

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