Udaan 26th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Imli lies to Suraj about Chakor’s child, Suraj is shattered


Udaan starts with Chakor(Meera Deosthale) walking towards the door as Rannvijay is inside. Rannvijay sits working on his laptop and Chakor tries to open the door. Rannvijay suddenly comes outside. Rannvijay asks her what she is doing there while Chakor too asks him why he is in there at that time of the night. Rannvijay tells Chakor that her husband will never be able to find her here and asks her to go to sleep peacefully. Chakor imagines running out of the door and she suddenly steps on a stone and stumbles forward but Suraj(Vijayendra Kumeria) holds her just in time. She tells him that he is soon going to be a dad and that she is pregnant with his child. Suraj takes out a knife and stabs Chakor on her stomach. Chakor wakes up screaming as Kavya walks in and consoles her. Kavya tells Chakor even her husband left her sometime back. Rannvijay interrupts them and Kavya walks away.(Also Read: Ranvijay is closely connected to Kamal Narayan, Chakor imagines Suraj everywhere)

Rannvijay gives Chakor some water and asks her to stop thinking about bad memories. He gives her a new phone and Chakor says she would call her sister soon. Rannvijay is happy to see Chakor smiling. Kasturi tells Suraj that she has decided to go and meet Chakor to find out what made her take this extreme step. Imli(Vidhi Pandya) walks in trying to stop them as she suddenly gets Chakor’s call. She screams at her saying it is wrong number and hangs up. Chakor is gifted some baby clothes by Rannvijay’s mother who says that she got them made for Kavya’s child. Chakor wants to know more about Kavya but Rannvijay’s mother does not say any more. Imli then takes Suraj to the temple and tells him that Chakor is pregnant with Rannvijay’s child. Suraj is stumped and he slaps Imli across her face. Imli takes vow over God that she is speaking the truth but Suraj and Kasturi ask her take a vow on her Kasturi’s life. Imli is hesitant for second but then goes on to do that. Kasturi decides to never see Chakor’s face again and says that she has not relationship with Chakor. Suraj is left broken as he walks away angrily. Imli then calls Chakor. Imli shouts at Chakor for not accepting the fact that Suraj is trying to kill her. Chakor says she cannot believe this and neither can she forget Suraj as she still remembers every moment she spent with him. Imli hangs up angrily.


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