Ishqbaaz 27 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: ShiVika’s mehendi takes place and Abhay makes an entry


Ishqbaaz starts with the entry of a guy on a bike. He storms inside the Oberoi Mansion and everyone is enraged. Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) asks him who the hell is he? He gets down from the bike and says you guys did not recognise me. He introduces himself to Daadi as Abhay (Avinash Mishra). She says he is Pammi’s son from our village. Daadi says your age is same as that of Rudra. She tells him to help in the wedding of SSO and Anika (Surbhi Chandna). He congratulates Shivaay and says he has mehendi for the couple as a gift. Abhay tells Shivaay it is organic mehendi. Daadi tells Abhay to gift the mehendi to Anika as it is considered good shagun. Abhay says I know you have two brother-in-laws, you can consider me as your friend. Daadi says thank god, you got the mehendi.

Pinky makes Anika sit on a chair decked with flowers. Shivaay reminds Anika of the vows. He tells Daadi that she and I will take some vows before the family before the mehendi starts. Anika tells Sahil she is not prepared. Shivaay tells Anika to say them first but she says you saw first. Om says both of you say together. Shivaay says we will be together always while Anika says I promise to keep Oberoi’s honour intact. Shivaay says he will eat her dishes irrespective of how badly cooked they are. Anika says I will make vegan style stewed ratatouille for him with aubergines. They swear that they will throw water on each other. Shivaay says he will record the kicks she gives in bed while she says I will spoil your hair. After they finish the vows, Anika thanks Shivaay for giving her a loving family. She gets emotional. She says you made me complete. Shivaay says you are the most beautiful wonderfully weird girl I know. He says every moment with you is like an adventure and he hopes that it continues. He compares her to an amusement park. Shivaay says I want to be with your forever and ever. They share an eyelock and the wedding board over them is about to fall. Abhay pushes ShiVika and rescues them.

Later, the woman applies mehendi on Anika’s hands. Pinky looks upset but everyone is very happy. Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) makes a call to Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) but she does not take the call. He feels she is still upset. Rudra calls up commissioner Qureshi. Anika is blushing as a would-be bride. Shivaay looks at her lovingly. Abhay says we need some song and dance to build up the mood of the function. The Oberoi family shakes a leg. ShiVika also takes to the dance floor. The tassel of Anika’s blouse gets stuck on Shivaay’s brooch. They share a romantic moment. Suddenly, a dupatta comes in between and Daadi says you cannot see Anika from now on. Shivaay says this is torture. Daadi says you did not follow the two feet distance rule to the hilt. She also takes away ShiVika’s phones so that they cannot make video calls too. At night, the Oberoi brothers are drinking. Rudra says we have celebrated Shivaay’s last bachelor night so many times right from Mallika to Ragini. They tease Shivaay. Rudra says Anika happened so suddenly. Shivaay says love is a matter of destiny. He tells OmRu that he is not drunk.

Om (Kunal Jaisingh) tells Rudra that at times, destiny even brings unlikely people together. Rudra gets emotional and Shivaay senses something is wrong. Rudra asks them the meaning of shallow ageist. When they explain it, he says I always respected Daadi. Shivaay says life might change but we Obros will stay together. Rudra says we brothers will be united. Abhay also comes there and Shivaay asks Rudra to make space for him. They make him a drink. Abhay says you guys are lucky and I adore your bonding. Anika is busy checking out her jewellery and wonders what is Shivaay doing now. He also feels the same. Shivaay thinks how to send message to Anika. He plays Imtihaan Ho Gayi for Anika and she gets happy. Anika plays Tu Mile Dil Khile for him.

Om remembers how upset Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) is wth him and throws things in his room. Jhanvi sees this and enters inside. She asks him what happened. Om tells her to leave him alone. He says Gauri wants a break from me and he did not say where she was going. Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) asks him why did he not ask. She feels upset about Om’s situation. ShiVika meet outside in the lawn and she has a dupatta on her. He asks her to show him her mehendi. He has to look for his name in the mehendi. He finds it and kisses the palm of her hand. Shivaay comes closer and Anika is aghast. She says we have been told to keep distance. Anika says I like you as the tadibaaz bagad billa. They romance.

Jhanvi tells Tej (Mahesh Thakur) about the problem in Om’s life. He says couple problems are normal. She says Gauri has left without informing. Jhanvi says Gauri’s phone is unreachable. Even Om wonders what is more important for her than Shivaay’s marriage. He thinks over the recent incidents and feels something is wrong. The phone rings and a man asks Gauri, when are you reaching Geeta Sadan. As Om picks up, the person says wrong number. Om wonders who is the guy? Tej comes inside the room and asks Om about the problems in his personal life. Om says you need not interfere. Tej says I know I was a bad father but now I have changed. Om says my pain will last forever and says he is used to being without a dad. Om says I fought alone and will continue to do so. Om says it is too late, no point of changing now. He says you tried to kill mom for a lowly woman. Om points out everything that Tej has done. Tej says I have done wrongs and crimes in my life. He says I pray my son is not like me and does not repeat my mistake. He tells him to safeguard Gauri and his relationship and clear all misunderstandings. He says I know you are sensible as Jhanvi as raised you. He says Jhanvi has given me chances to redeem myself, and I hope you will save your relationship. Om says I will not make a mistake in understanding Gauri. Tej tells Jhanvi that there are troubles in RiKara’s life. Jhanvi says only SSO can help him but he is busy with his marriage. Tej says I feel we should give RiKara some time.


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