Naamkarann 27th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Avni to be sold while Neil gets suspended


Naamkarann starts with Avni(Aditi Rathore) managing to pull open the door and walking out and she sees Neil (Zain Imam) walking down the corridor. Avni hugs him and they have a moment. Then suddenly Avni sees Juhi hugging Neil and feels sad but the very next moment everything disappears and she realises it was but a dream. Neil waits for Avni’s message and turns to see Avni. He too hugs her but soon she disappears out of his sight and from his arms. Bebe comes to meet Neil and she tells him that they know about what is happening. She asks Neil  what he has thought about Avni. Neil is surprised by the question as he says that how can he separate Avni from himself. He says after losing Juhi he had never thought he would love anyone but after he met Avni she became his lifeline.He asks Bebe what he should do about Juhi now and she asks him to just say the truth to Juhi as they won’t be happy if they lie. (Also Read: Avniel with the help of Juhi and Ali manage to trap Pandit, Neela is shocked to know Amol’s truth)

Avni sees a telephone and calls Amol, she tells him to ask Neil not to come to Jagooda. The street friends of Avni who had tracked Amol’s number hear this message and informs Neela. Neela leaves for Jagooda. Neil reaches rangmahal but is in for a shock to see a old age home instead of brothel. He searches everywhere and is desperate to not find Avni. Avni and the other girls are locked in the basement and Avni somehow unties her hand to break open the basement door. She is about to shout to Neil but suddenly Amol overpowers her and makes her unconscious as she sees him before losing consciousness. Ragini gets the police chief and accuses Neil of killing her mother and says that she had gone to meet her mother and now her mother is dead due to shock. Neil asks for the dead body and they get Avni wrapped in a while sheet. Neil gets suspended but he promises to find his wife. Neela asks Neil if Amol told him of Avni’s message and he says no. Neela tells Neil that Amol is deceiving Avni with Daywanti. Daywanti taunts Avni and says she will sell Avni off the next day and then be peaceful. Shweta throws Riya outs as she accuses Avni of being the reason behind Neil’s suspension and also that she deserves to be in a dirty place.


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