I feel the makers cheated the audience with the concept of commoners: Gaurav Chopra


Gaurav Chopra has been one of the most popular and dignified contestants in the history of Bigg Boss. The TV actor was part of the controversial reality show that was aired last years. However, the actor couldn’t make it to the finals and was evicted in the 12 week. The actor with his sturdy tone and tough looks has the audience swooning over him over the years and these features ofthe actor also helped him have a smooth sail during his stint in the glass walled house.

In an exclusive chat with TellyGossip.com Gaurav reminisced his Bigg Boss days.

The actor also maintained his calm and composure in the show. His dignified mannerism was always labeled fake. Ask him if he is in touch with his co-contestants and Chopra gives a very straight response. “Anyone whom I called friend inside the house is a friend outside the house. I never befriended anyone just for the heck of it.”

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Talking about his participation in the show he adds, “I was offered the show prior to season 10 as well. They were not comfortable with my conditions and the amount I quoted then. however, during the last season everything fell in the right place that is why I entered the show. Now, for me the show was a very professional assignment. It wasn’t like I was going for a trip, I have worked hard on my career and I didn’t want to ruin that. Just for the show, I cannot bitch around, fight, and look silly or look like a dumb idiot. I never get into a fight between two girls outside in the real world why would I interfere in the show just for the camera? Maybe, I‘m not an apt contestant for Bigg Boss

Last year, the makers introduced the concept of Indiawaale wherein civilians were given a chance to enter the reality show. While discussing the concept Gaurav shares his perspective. “However I feel they did not represent the common man correctly in the show. They were all handpicked personalities who could create drama in the house. There was no common man. A common man is someone who has a mediocre voice, juggles in trains for his work, someone you can relate to. I feel, they cheated the audience with the concept of commoners. However, having said that, it is a show and not a social cause, so they are not wrong at all, they are just doing business.”

His early eviction came as shocker to many but for Chopra it was a good farewell. “I really liked how they bid farewell to me by making a video. Everyone cried when I was leaving. All I can say today is, what you saw was the real me in the house, I was not ready to fake,” he concludes. 


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