[IN PICS] Ishqbaaz 28 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay applies Haldi on Anika in the most seductive way possible


Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna) get to share some intimate moments with each other on the terrace.

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Just when he was about to kiss Anika, they hear some strange noises. Shivaay tells her that girls have lined up outside his house as he has broken their hearts by marrying her. He tells her that he should have conducted a swyamvar for himself. Anika gets miffed and leaves. A girl mysteriously enters Oberoi mansion. Khanna gets suspicious of her and asks her who is she. She tells him that she has recently joined the decoration staff. Pinky shares her pain with Dadi.

Shivaay takes Khanna’s phone and tries to call Anika but he tells him that her mobile is still with Dadi. Khanna suggests him to speak to her during the Haldi ceremony. Dadi tells everyone that she has invited Baadshah to the party to surprise Shivaay and Anika. Everyone including Pinky get excited. Shivaay gets dumbstruck to see Anika but Dadi doesn’t let him see her and sends her behind a curtain. Abhay asks Shivaay if he wants him to click a picture of her. Rudra says there is no need of doing that as it might bring bad omen for Shivaay and Anika. Omkara asks Rudra if he is feeling jealous of Abhi. He tells them that he is unnecessarily trying to become DDLJ’s Raj Malhotra.

Dadi requests Shivaay to let Pinky apply Haldi on him, first. Pinky tells Shivaay howmuch she loves him but he doesn’t say a word. Dadi calls the rest of the family one by one to apply Haldi. After he gets done with his ceremony, he insists to put Haldi on Anika’s face. Dadi rejects his idea. Shivaay gets impatient to see Anika. Abhay suggests playing Haldi Ki Holi and throws a handful of dry Haldi powder on Rudra. Rudra tries to throw it back at him but he runs away and it falls on Omkara. All the men start playing it one by one as Shivaay also participates. Tej goes and puts colour on Jhanvi. Saahil feels bad for not being able to join them because of his leg. Pinky feels left out but Shakti goes and puts some colour on her face. She gets happy.

Baadhshah takes on the stage, leaving Shivaay and Anika surprised. Shivaay takes advantage of the loud music and takes Anika out. Anika refuses to open her eyes and tells him that she doesn’t want to break Dadi’s trust. Shivaay forces her to open her eyes and asks her how is he looking. He promises her that nothing bad will happen with them now. She asks him why has he brought her here. He tells her that he wanted to himself apply Haldi on her. He starts romancing with her while seductively applying Haldi on her body. Just when he was about to say, ‘I Love You’ to her, Dadi calls Anika.

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Dadi tells Abhay that he is not able to find Saahil. He assures her that he will find him and also make him drink his medicine. ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 27 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: ShiVika’s mehendi takes place and Abhay makes an entry


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