[IN PICS] Ishqbaaz 29 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Anika and Shivaay FINALLY get married


Jhanvi gets Anika (Surbhi Chandna) ready and makes her wear their ancestral jewelry. Dadi gets emotional to see Anika in bride’s avatar.


Anika chooses a lavendar-colored lehenga for her big day.


Shivaay  (Nakuul Mehta), Omkara and Rudra wear color-coordinated sherwanis.


Jhanvi puts the chunni on Anika’s head.


Dadi asks Pinky to put the kalgi on Shivaay’s turban.


Omkara and Rudra miss Gauri and Bhavya but decide not to spoil Shivaay’s mood by sharing their pain with him.


Abhay gets shocked to see Saahil crying and tells him that he is very lucky as he will get to stay with his sister even after her marriage. Saahil tells him that he is not lucky as he cannot even dance in his sister’s wedding. Abhay shows him some dance steps that he can do with his cruches. Saahil gets happy.


Jhanvi asks Abhay to bring jai mala for the wedding. He tells her that he has already brought it. She thanks him. Jhanvi brings the bride to the main hall while the Oberoi brothers bring the groom.

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Shivaay and Anika get awestruck to see each other and recall their past. They find it difficult to believe that they are actually getting married.


Jhanvi and Omkara shake Anika and Shivaay and ask them to move ahead. Shivaay finds it difficult to take his eyes off her. Dadi comes and takes them to the mandap.


Anika and Shivaay sit on the mandap. Dadi ties the knot for the couple.

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Priest asks them who will do Anika’s kanyadaan. Saahil tells him he will do it. Priest tells him that he is too young to do the kanyadaan. Rudra and Omkara decide to do it. Priest remind them that they are groom’s brothers. They tell him that Anika is their sister first before being their sister-in-law. Anika gets emotional. They tell her that they are one family now.

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Shivaay holds Anika’s hand and starts taking the seven vows around the holy fire.

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The girl crumbles a paper and throws it in the mandap. Shivaay bends to take it but the priest asks him to go behind Anika and take the rest of the pheras. Rudra and Omkara get reminded of Bhavya and Gauri.


Shivaay makes her wear the mangalsutra and then puts sindoor in her hairline.

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Shivaay hugs an unsuspecting Anika and congratulates her, leaving her surprised.


Shivaay tells Dadi that Anika is his wife now and he has all the rights to hug her where ever, when ever he feels like.


Abhay clicks the couple’s picture.


After their marriage, Anika asks Shivaay what was he trying to tell her during the Haldi ceremony. Just when he was about to say ‘I Love You’, Dadi comes there. Shivaay gets annoyed and tells her that he has got tired of her rules now. Abhay comes there and asks them to come for the group picture.


Shivaay asks Omkara about Gauri. He tells him that there was some emergency and she had to leave. Abhay clicks their group picture.


Rudra leaves to meet Bhavya.


Dadi asks Shivaay and Anika to seek their parents’ blessings. Dadi asks Pinky if she wouldn’t give a gift to Anika. Pinky removes her ancestral bangles from her hands and gives it to Anika. Everyone asks Shivaay to let her accept it.

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Dadi returns their phones to them.


Rudra reaches Mumbai and gets heartbroken to see Bhavya all decked up. They both get reminded of all the moments they shared together. He starts drinking alcohol.

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Bhavya reaches the mandap and sadly makes Manav wear the var mala. Rudra comes and stops them from taking the wedding ahead.


Rudra asks Maanav how can he get married to Bhavya when he knows she has been sharing the room with him since such a long time.


Rudra asks Gauri how can she get married to someone else after having all the fun with him. Bhavya goes and slaps him.


Gauri tells him that she regrets befriending him. She asks him to leave and says she doesn’t want to see his face ever again in future.


Omkara reaches Gauri’s English school and sees her teacher and assumes that she is having an affair with him. He follows him and gets shocked to see him checking in at a cheap hotel. He also takes a room at the same hotel and gets shocked to see the room booked on the man and Gauri’s name. He comes to the conclusion that Gauri is a characterless woman.


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