Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki 29th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja breaks her fast midway after Abhishek gets angry at her


Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki starts with Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) wondering why she is getting nervous about fasting for Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) as the bond she shares with him will never change even if the relationship has changed. Rishi here asks Netra about what she was saying to him last night as he was drunk. Netra starts telling him again but Rano interrupts and asks Rishi to stop drinking. Rishi goes off to his room as he gets vague memory of what Netra said. He thinks about the way she was hiding something. He knows that there is something very wrong happening. Tanuja applies mehendi on her hand as she keeps thinking of the times she spent with Rishi and is happy about it. She looks at the moon and wishes for a miracle to happen and Natasha follows her mother and wishes that her mother’s wish is fulfilled. Rishi somehow knows looking at the moon that Tanuja is happy today. (Also Read: Rishi wants Netra to observe karwa chauth for him)

Next morning Natasha goes off to her friend’s birthday party as Abhishek(Amit Tandon) tries to stop her in vain. Abhishek asks Tanuja to eat with him but she makes an excuse and he notices the mehendi on her hand and compliments it. Tanuja does a pooja and Abhishek asks her about it and Tanuja confesses to have kept a fast for Rishi. Abhishek is shocked and angry. He shouts at her for it and says that for the world she has a husband and if anybody comes to know that they are not married then they might lose Natasha’s custody. Abhishek asks Tanuja to take a decision between her love and Natasha’s future. Tanuja is shaken by the thought and she goes out and eats, breaking her fast. Rishi goes for a meeting while Rano asks him to return soon so as to break Netra’s fast. Rishi prepares for the launch of his matrimony business. Natasha and Tanya reach Rishi’s home for their science project and Natasha calls Rishi. Natasha also calls Rishi papa and Tanya gets upset about it.

Precap: Tanuja arrives Bedi house.


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