Udaan 29th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rannvijay intends to kill Kamal Narayan’s son- Suraj to avenge his own father


Udaan starts with Chakor (Meera Deosthale) walking out of the house on hearing a sound and she sees Eklavya there with Preeti. Eklavya asks Chakor to talk to Rannvijay about his marriage with Preeti even though Preeti is scared of her brother. Chakor goes for shopping with Kavya and Preeti. She thinks of Suraj(Vijayendra Kumeria) and gets sad. Preeti puts music on to cheer her up and they dance even though Kavya and mother are still scared that Rannvijay might return.  Chakor remembers Suraj and dances as if with him. Kavya and Preeti tease Chakor. Rannvijay calls everyone down for dinner. As they have dinner Chakor thanks Rannvijay for all that he and his family have done for her. She goes on and tells him about Preeti and Eklavya. Rannvijay surprisingly is calm as he tells he wants to meet Eklavya soon. Preeti happily thanks Chakor and runs to tell Eklavya about this. (Also Read: Suraj gets clues of Imli’s secret while Rannvijay stops Chakor from going to Suraj)

Chakor is surprised as both Kavya and Rannvijay’s mother seem to be very disturbed by this and they walk away without saying much and Kavya just says that Chakor might have to bear the consequences. Suraj throws the alcohol bottle away and wonders  what is happening. He gos out as he remembers the love in Chakor’s voice as he spoke to her. He sees a pregnant woman getting water from the well and he helps her. The woman says that Suraj will be a good father and Suraj gets very upset. He remembers how Imli told him that Chakor was pregnant. Suraj manages to get Imli’s phone and he writes down her number on Chakor’s photo even as Imli comes searching for her phone. Chakor cries as she talks to Suraj’s picture about their child. She hears a noise and she walks down to see Rannvijay carrying a astikalash and walking out of the house. Se follows him as he is seen going for visarajan. She asks him about it and he says that this is his father’s and he will not completely do the visarajan till he gets the revenge for his father’s death. He says he will kill the person’s son so that he can take the exact revenge.

Precap: Suraj calls Chakor


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