Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Raman feels guilty for causing pain to Ruhi


Ruhi comes crying to Bhalla house. Raman (Karan Patel) asks her to talk to him. Ruhi tells him that she cannot look into his eyes after what she has done. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and everyone else come out and get shocked to see her crying. Raman tells them that they caught Nikhil in a compromising position with another girl. Aadi and Romi get angry and tell Raman that he should have killed him there itself. Mihika tells Ruhi that she should have listened to her elders. Ishita tells her that this is not the time to make her count her mistakes. Aadi, Romi, Aaliya and Mihika console Ruhi and assure her that they are all with her. Santoshi and Madhu get happy to see everyone together.

Ishita comes and tells Raman that she wants to talk to him. She apologizes to Raman. He asks her to forgive him for making her choose between him and her kids. Ishita asks him to forget everything and move on. Raman finds it difficult to hide the truth from her and feels guilty for fooling everyone. Next morning, Ruhi tells Ishita that she is not able to forget Nikhil. She asks her why does she always fall in love with the wrong person. Ishita tells her that she is young and she is allowed to make mistakes. She assures her that her parents will always be by her side. Ruhi apologizes to Ishita for creating a rift between Raman and her. Raman asks him to forget everything and move one. He asks her not to take Nikhil’s name ever again.

Raman calls Shagun and tells her that he is unable to see Ruhi in pain. He asks her what if Nikhil tries to meet her again. Shagun asks Raman to focus on Ruhi and assures him that she will handle Nikhil. Ishita brings Chanya Cholis for Ananya, Pihu and Kshitija. Simmi tells Ishita that her daughter will not sit in the Kanjak Puja. Ishita asks her not to involve children in their fight. Santoshi tells Ishita that there is no point of arguing with her as she has gone mad. Simmi accuses her mother of always taking Ishita’s side. Ishita gets upset and decides to speak to Simmi. Ruhi tells Ishita that there is no need of doing that as she will call Riya in her place. She tells her that Riya is innocent and she will not break her relationship with her because of whatever happened between her and Nikhil. Ishita agrees.

The call girl comes and creates a huge scene outside Nikhil’s house. The society chairman asks Nikhil to vacate the flat after he gets complains from his neighbours. The girl goes and tells Shagun that she has destroyed Nikhil. Shagun gives her money and asks her not to tell this to anyone. Shagun calls Raman and tells him that Nikhil will never be able to meet Ruhi now. Ishita comes and calls Raman for the Kanjak Puja. Param enters the Bhalla house and asks Ishita about Ananya. She tells him that Simmi is not allowing her to sit in the puja with her friends. Param goes and asks Simmi what’s wrong with her. He tells her that she should not involve kids in their personal fights. He tells Simmi that she should not fight with Ishita and Raman, as they are the heads of the family.

Girls insist Ishita to hurry up. Ishita decides to go and speak to Simmi once again. Santoshi stops her and asks her to feed the girls first. Param sees that puja is over and intentionally takes Simmi and Ananya outside at that time. Simmi gets upset to see that they didn’t wait for their daughter. ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Shagun and Raman join hands to malign Nikhil’s image in front of Ruhi


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