Kanwar Dhillon: 5 Myths debunked


Kanwar Dhillon is currently one of the most sought after actors in the television industry. His ravishing looks have gained him thousands of followers. Currently, the actor is enjoying his free time. When TellyGossip.com got in touch with the TV artist he spoke at length about a lot of things.

Here are the five myths about the young star which are completely false. Let’s take a look.

1.Arrogance and Kanwar

Kanwar revealed to us that lot many people think that Kanwar is arrogant. Dhillon believes this is the biggest myth people have about him. “I take time to mingle with new people. It takes one or two meeting minimum for me to get casual with them.”

2.Casanova Dhillon

It is always touted that the young star is dating some or the other co-star. “People think that I’m always dating which is completely wrong. I have been single many times just as I am right now.”

3.Kanwar can’t Dance yaara!

“People have this conception that I can’t dance. In fact, I love dancing. Bollywood is my favourite dance routine.” All the dance reality show runners you know whom to pick next as a contestant (wink).

4.Movie Buff

This is something which could be a shocker to many. An actor who is shooting most of the time won’t be getting to watch a movie is the biggest myth people have. In ’s case it is not applicable. “I’m the biggest movie buff. Every week I have to watch a movie even if I’m shooting.”

5.Patthar Dil Kanwar?

Girls get ready to go aww… This is something for you. “People think I’m insensitive, unemotional which is completely false. In reality, I just don’t express my feelings easily. But yeah I’m not stone hearted.” 


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