Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki 10th October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi plays his trump card as Abhishek and Tanuja are to lose Natasha


Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki  starts with the family preparing to go to court as Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) tells the family that Rano is unwell and will not go with them. Raj decides to stay back with his wife while Rishi pulls his leg saying he is just like Rishi. Rishi does not talk to Netra who seems visibly disturbed. Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) reaches court with Abhishek(Amit Tandon) and meet their lawyer. Mr. Batra asks Abhishek why he just transferred a major portion of his property to Natasha. Abhishek says he wanted to make sure his daughter remained secure in her future. Mr Batra asks him why this was necessary right now. Abhishek does not see the point of all the fuss and later when Tanuja questions him about it. He tells her that Natasha is not just her daughter but also his. Rishi walks in and tells Tanuja that now he knows that if he wins the case he wins everything. Tanuja gets scared by Rishi’s taunt and runs behind him. Rishi hands over the papers of Natasha and Tanuja to his own lawyer. Tanuja asks Rishi what he has got against her.(Also Read: Tanuja is scared that Rishi knows the truth)

Rishi says that he loves her and wants her back. Tanuja again shouts at him as he asks her if she is hiding anything from him. Later Rishi says he will then reveal the truth in court itself. Tanuja is now deeply shaken and as Abhishek tries to talk to her she is lost. Later she almost faints and Rishi holds her. Rishi says he will like doing that forever. Later in court Rishi confronts Tanuja and Abhishek on not being married. Abhishek is shocked and says he has ensured Natasha’s security but Rishi says there is no guarantee that Tanuja will not lose her job by the time Natasha grows up and then Natasha will have nothing. Tanuja knows everything is over and she begs in court that she would die if separated from her daughter. Mr. Batra acts again and feigns heart attack. The court is forced to extend the date. Rishi tells Abhishek he should have hired a better lawyer.


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