Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Saumya confesses her love for Harman but is soon separated from him again


Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki starts with the kinners trying to put out the fire. Surbhi gets the entire family to Saumya(Rubina Dilaik) and assures her that they all are fine and nothing has happened to them. She tells Saumya that she is not made for becoming Guruma but to lead a life that she wishes. They ask her to go at once. Mallika though stops her and says she cannot keep changing her mind. Saumya thinks of what Harman(Vivian DSena) had told her aboutr discarding their ring and becoming a monk if she did not come to him before the havan ended. Saumya begs Mallika and the other kinner gurumas to protect her right and happiness as they are obligd to. She says she does not want to become the guruma and she cannot leave Harman for anything. Finally Mallika lets her go and Saumya goes. Raveena reaches Preeto and informs her about what happned. Preeto goes mad and she tells the goons to kill the family but the goons tell her the family escaped as they were drugged. Preeto screams and she gets Surbhi’s call who tells her that Saumya has not become the guruma and now she is off to meet Harman. (Also Read: Harman leaves home forever as Surbhi traps Preeto)

Harak promises he will do something. Harman discards the ring and goes on for the visarjan and to become a monk. Saumya runs to the temple and sees the ring. She cries and she runs to the riverside and finds Harman there and there she confesses her love for Harman. Harman is overwhelmed as he listens to her. The hug and make up. Harak Singh and Preeto watch them as Surbhi forbids her to stop the two. She threatens that she will tell Harman everything if she tries to separate them. The other kinners led by Mallika ask Harman to let her go as he will never accept her with complete truth of her. Saumya begs them to leave her and Harman alone. Mallika refuses and says that till she gets her right which she deserves. Mallika says Saumya was always hurt by Harman and so they cannot leave her to it. Harman says that he has always been responsible to Saumya and his love. They try dragging Saumya away and she promises she will come back to him soon. Haman sits upset in the temple and remembers Saumya’s words. A chunri from the deity flies onto his head. Harman thinks that till Saumya wanted to go away he never stopped her but now when she wants to be with her he thinks that no one can stop him from getting her back to his life.


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