Udaan 10th October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Imli cooks up another story to calm an angry Suraj


Udaan starts with Imli (Vidhi Pandya) worrying that Chakor ( Meera Deosthale)and Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) are now aware of her truth. She thinks of how she is going to handle the situation. She tells an unconscious Vivaan(Paras Arora) that she would do something and not let the chance go away. Chakor remembers Suraj and his words and talks to her unborn child as she also suddenly remembers Imli and decides to speak to Imli. As soon as she calls Imli , Suraj too arrives there and drags Imli away. He confronts her about lieing to him and Chakor time and again. Imli then cooks up another story saying she had come to know that chakor was dead so she was just protecting Suraj from the pain. She further adds that she knew someone was after Chakor’s life and so she did not want to risk it by letting Chakor come to Azadfganj. She takes a vow by the fire to make Suraj believe. Suraj accepts her explanation and forgives her. He tells Imli that Chakor is not back with her as she said that Suraj’s life is in danger from somebody at Banaras.(Also Read: Chakor tells Suraj about their child and Vivaan wakes up from coma)

Imli wonders who it is that could kill Suraj in Banaras. Chakor meets Rannvijay next morning who leaves for work after telling something to the security. Chakor tries calling Suraj as Suraj is explaining things to Kasturi and Bhuvan. They are happy to know that it is not as they thought and Chakor is still good. Suraj waits for Chakor’s call but does not get through. Chakor finds that there is no network in the entire house. Kavya remembers hearing Suraj’s name somewhere and Chakor diverts the topic. Chakor adds that she and Suraj have cleared the misunderstanding. Chakor tells them that she will though free them too and only then leave Banaras. Chakor takes Kavya’s phobne to call but still does not get through. Chakor also tries going out to call but still is not able. Suraj desperately waits for Chakor’s call as Paakhi teases him. Chakor realises that the phones in the house have been jammed on purpose. Chakor decides to go out and call but she stopped by the security. Rannvijay arrives there and tells her that she is not supposed to step out of the house. He also forbids her from talking to any outsider. He says that she will now never leave the house as he does not want her to ever contact anybody in Azadganj. Suuraj there starts feeling that Chakor is in some danger. Chakor revolts and Rannvijay stops her. He makes her eat and she asks him why he is worrying after her. Rannvijay says that her family did not care for her and now he will. He says till the child is born he will not let Chakor go.


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