Kundali Bhagya 11th October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karan is left restless when Preeta avoids him


Kundali Bhagya starts with Preeta(Shraddha Arya) reprimanding Dadi for not following her diet. Dadi promises that she would listen to whatever Preeta says. Dadi hugs her and welcomes her back. Dadi tells Preeta that Karan(Dheeraj Dhoopar) had made her do exercises and she had screamed. Preeta asks Dadi to stay away from Karan as he is so unpredictable. Dadi says Karan is her favourite and Preeta realises her folly. Dadi seeks Preeta’s forgiveness for whatever happened. Preeta explains that she has a very strong bond with everyone in the family and Rishabh(Manit Joura) walks in saying if he too is a part of this strong bond. Preeta talks to Dadi and Rishabh as Rishabh keeps pulling her leg. Preeta runs away as she says she will return when Rishabh is not here. Dadi asks Rishabh why he chose Sherlin and not Preeta. Rishabh thinks of how he repents taking this choice and decision. Sarla chooses boys for Preeta and Srishti walks in and rejects all the boys. Srishti has too high hopes for her sister and Sarla also tells the broker lady that Preeta is very good and she needs to get her only the best.(Also Read: Rishabh thrashes Deepak while making it loud and clear that Preeta belongs to him)

Karan paces around as he wonders why Preeta is angry with him. He asks Preeta why she is avoiding him and Preeta says that she will not talk to him now and also that when he is not happy with her return to the house she does not care talking to him either. Karan thinks that he is very happy about Preeta’s arrival yet he will not tell her that. Rishabh speak to Preeta and tells her that she should have slapped anyone who tried touching her or misbehaving. Preeta understands that Rishabh is talking about Deepak. She tells him that Deepak does not deserve his thought. As Rishabh speaks to Preeta and holds her hand Sherlin walks in and gets angry. Preeta thinks that she will have to expose Sherlin before she destroys Rishabh’s life. Sherlin too thinks that she needs to teach Preeta a lesson before Preeta steals Rishabh away. Sarla finally gets two pictures in the envelope and decides to show them to Preeta first before anybody else sees it. Karan keeps thinking about Preeta while Sameer thinks of Srishti. They talk to each other about how they do not know what girls keep thinking. Karan advises him to stay away from girls. Srishti decides to check on the pictures first and sneaks into her mother’s room. She gets a jewellery box inside and suddenly Sarla too walks in.


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