Lata to throw out Kajal from Goswami house in Colors Bangla’s Kajalata?


The drama quotient in the upcoming episodes of Colors Bangla’s Kajalata, which is produced by Raj Chakraborty Production, is set to become spicier!

Well, we hear that in the days to come, Kajal (Anwesha Hazra) will enter Goswami house as Abir’s wife. And Ranadip would want to throw them out but owing to Shakuntala (Anamika Saha)’s instructions, he won’t be able to do so.

So, what will happen next?

Informs our source, “Kajal will be ready to leave the Goswami house but on a condition. She will inform Lata (Debchandrima Singha Roy) that she will leave the Goswami house and her life forever if Lata will let Keshab know that Kajal is not at fault.”

Will Lata listen to her words? Well, she will not agree.  

On the other hand, unable to accept Kajal as Abir’s wife, Soumya (Kunal Banerjee) will fight with Abir. And next, Lata herself will plan to throw out Kajal from the Goswami house.

OMG! Will Lata’s plan be successful? To know that you have to keep your eyes on the tale or better read 


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