Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani shamelessly LIES about being related to Vishal Dadlani; the musician HITS BACK – view pic


We don’t understand what is with contestants  shamelessly faking their identity on Bigg Boss 11. First it was Zubair Khan who falsely claimed to be related to Haseena Parkar’s family although he later clarified that he was misunderstood and now Akash Dadlani, in last night’s episode, went on to reveal how he’s Vishal Dadlani’s “dead brother’s son”. Yes, just because their surnames match, Akash casually informed the contestants that he’s related to Vishal and how they are very close. Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta too were seen discussing the same with him. While a layman following Bigg Boss might have already fallen for this misconception framed by Akash by now. It’s time we all hear the truth from Vishal Dadlani who has just issued an official clarification on Twitter. Also read: Bigg Boss 11 fans predict that the show’s opening TRPs will be above 3!

Firstly, Vishal has never had a brother and secondly he doesn’t even know who Akash is as he clarifies in his official statement, “Some dude on Bigg Boss claims to be related to me. I checked and he is, but quite a distance. I don’t know him, apart from his having texted me asking for work, a few times. With respect, I won’t work with someone just because they happen to have the same surname as I do. Even if he was my “dead brothers’ son” as is claimed, he’d have to work his way up and earn his place. Also, thankfully, I don’t have a brother, never have. This is to clarify that I have never met this gent and that I do not even know him. I wish him well, as I would any other musician. But that’s about it.”

Here, check out the tweet posted by Vishal below:


Guess, that’s enough clarification to NOT believe what Akash is claiming. Keep watching this space for more updates.


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