Here’s why Ranveer Singh getting injured during Padmavati’s shoot is GOOD NEWS for the movie


It’s almost destined – each time Ranveer Singh commits himself whole and soul to a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, he will get hurt. Strangely, each time he is injured, the film also seems to do fabulously! Always one to immerse himself in his work so much that he forgets to think about consequences, Ranveer’s injuries, while damaging to him, seem to work like a good luck charm. In fact, the superstar is almost superstitious that if he gets injured while making a film, it’s bound to become a hit! And his record of hurt and hit has been quite consistent.

Ranveer Singh has injured his hand (yet again) while shooting a sword fighting scene for Padmavati. The superstar had to be rushed to a hospital at a late hour. Once treatment was completed, he headed back to the set, reproving his 100 percent commitment to a film, which has become his credo. Padmavati’s shoot, which has taken up a good part of a year, has actually seen Ranveer hurt himself many times. Ranveer hurt his rib quite badly while doing a wrestling scene, and had to get immediate medical attention. He had also hurt his head during an intense scene, but despite the injury he continued to shoot for the entire day. He also injured his hand while doing a sword-fighting scene, but with basic first aid, he filmed for the rest of the sequence to ensure that the film remains on track. Given that Padmavati, which also features him as the fearsome, intense anti-hero Alauddin Khilji, has brought maximum injuries to Ranveer, he has begun to believe that this film has checked the box on his superstition that physical injuries equal box office success.

Recalling his previous injuries while shooting, a source from his entourage said, “Ranveer had hurt himself while shooting for Ram Leela. He gets so involved with a scene that he doesn’t pause to consider the consequences. The film became a huge super hit and was adored by audiences. With Bajirao Mastani too, while shooting for a war scene, he suffered a fracture and hurt his shoulder badly. He had to undergo rigorous physiotherapy to recuperate but he ensured that he was back, giving his 100 percent. Look at the results- Bajirao Mastani swept all awards for best actor and went on to become a blockbuster. Now with Padmavati, he is tackling a really difficult and dark role as Alauddin Khilji. Ranveer has actually injured himself thrice! With all that pain and suffering, he hopes that the film becomes an epic success. We sure hope so too.”

Going all out while performing as Khilji, a character that has been a genuine mental and emotional drain on Ranveer, he has become so involved that he often doesn’t have full control on what he does or how he reacts. Given that there are three scars to wear on himself after completing this demanding magnum opus, its only natural that this superstar is counting on the film tripling its success three times over.


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