Real ages of all the Bigg Boss contestants


Much has been said and discussed about the Bigg Boss 11 contestants, from their backgrounds to their sexual preference but ne vital information that has been missing in these reports are their real ages. TellyGossip now reveals to you the exact age of each and every Big Boss 11 contestant. 

They have been all over the place with their fights and contradictions and dirty behaviour. Their past is revealed upfront to all and sundry but do you know that most of the contestants who are embroiled in such nasty fights and altercations are mostly within the age of 30. We are now just left to wonder when such things are happening at this early age, what will transpire at the later stages!

Hiten Tejwani is the only true man in the house in every sense of the word. His very presence lends the show its dignity. He looks sober and the most tempered. He is never over the top, he has situations in control and that smile can give any big actor a run for their money. We’re sure wife Gauri and his kids are very proud to have a father like him. The actor is aged 43 years.

Sapna Chaudhry who is a well-known nautch girl in Haryana with millions of social media followers is aged 26 years. Sapna is well known for her forthright comments and in your face attitude. The girl stands for what is right and believes in calling a spade a spade. A demeanour which is detested by most of the contestants in the house especially Arshi Khan who abuses her left right and centre.

Jyoti kumari, who is the commoner girl from Bihar has caused a stir in the house because of her insolent behaviour and her mannerless approach. Her stupid comments have made sure the viewers had their tongues in their cheeks!  Who can forget that on the Bigg Boss 11 premier day she said that she will star in a film opposite Varun Dhawan! Jyoti can easily be mistaken for a girl of 16 to 17 years. Her real age is 25 years.

Mehjabi Siddiqui is the lady who during her introduction episode on Bigg Boss 11 called herself “the voice of all daughters in law,” “Anaconda,” is 28 years old. Sh eis stupidity and brash mannerisms personified.

Sshivani Durga who looks to be pretty sensible and is never embroiled in any fights and also seems knowledgeable about a lot of things. The self-proclaimed Tantrik is surely well-read and always makes sure to intervene if there is any unwieldly fight in the house. The lady is aged 40 years.

Sabyasachi Satpathy, is the openly cross-dressing gay who appears to have verbal diarrhoea. He has an opinion on everything. This ‘Padosi’ of big boss house not just looks atrocious, his intellect too is a matter of question. He is aged 30 years.

Arshi Khan, is the motor mouth woman in the house. Her dirty photos and raunchy vidoes are all over the internet. Her behaviour has piqued almost all the contestants in the house. Zubair said that she is the rotten apple, she is filthy-mouthed and has no respect for anyone’s religion and not even her own. He also alleged that she was the one to tease Vikas by calling him gay in more than one occasion. Whatever the case is she is really proving to be a walking, talking riot in the BB mansion. Her real age is 27 years

Luv Tyagi is another padosi in the house. He is gym-built guy and he is supposed to be the boyfriend of Satpathi. His age is 25 years.

Vikas Gupta who is one of the most controversial contestants of the BB mansion. His sexual orientation by now has become the talk of the town. Thanks to his relationship with Priyank Sharma which is closeted no more. He is a television producer by profession and is aged 30 years.

Puneesh Sharma looked like a ‘bade baap ki bigdi hui aulaad’ who loves to spend his father’s hard earned money in partying and boozing. He also owns a construction business. Sharma was born and brought up in Delhi and calls himself a hardcore Delhiite. Puneesh is  27 years old. In our opinion he is nothing but a brag!

Zubair Khan was touted to have connections with the underworld. He was also said to have direct connections with the Haseena Parker family. He is also a film producer and has produced the Ajaz Khan starrer Lakeer Ka Fakeer. Zubair was thrown out of the BB mansion after he tried to commit suicide by swallowing some pills after Salman lashed out at him on the weekend ka vaar episode. The man is aged 30 years.

Akash Dadlani is the self proclaimed rapper. He has said to have done a lot of recordings with Meet Brothers as well. His behaviour in the BB mansion has induced many laughs and he continues to tickle the funny bones with his made uo accent and his very appearance and histrionics. Dadlani is 35 years old.

Priyank Sharma was teased by Salman Khan who said “he is Priyanka without an ‘A.” The Bigg Boss host also hinted a  little bit on his sexual preference when after asking Benafsha and Priyank to play a couple, he concluded, ‘your boyfriend is more interested in your ex (played by Salman). Later Salman also asked Priyank, “Is everything fine with you?’ Surely being the host of the show, he would know a lot more about the contestants on a personal level than anyone else. Coming back, after a few days passed his clandestine relationship with Vikas Gupta came into the limelight. Priyank was seen with Vikas a lot in events, parties so on and so forth. There were a lot of speculations in the media but no one stated it explicitly, however when in the house, all the cats were let out of the bag and Priyank’s sexual orientation too came out in the open. Sharma is 25 years old.

Benafsha Soonawalla is a Parsi VJ and a model, she is barely seen onscreen in Bigg Boss. Wonder whether she hides from the camera. There is nothing much to write about her. She is 22 years old.

Lucinda Nicholas is an Australian model and actress. No one can forget the way Salman Khan pulled her leg on the night of the Bigg Boss premier when he asked her to take the names of some Yoga poses. Her accent made it all very funny. She has perfected the art of ‘Hatha Yoga.’ She is aged 35 years.

Bandgi Kalra is a model, she look stunning and her amazing pictures are flashed all over the internet. The actress is pretty dignified but is always on the lookout for ways to grab eyeballs and attention. As of now the model is the topic of conversation because of her onscreen affair with Puneesh Sharma. Now whether the relationship is fake or is in real is yet to be fathomed. The model is aged 25 years

Shilpa Shinde  is known for her verbal spats with Vikas Gupta more than anything else. She had a bitter past with Vikas and is making sure to settle all her scores with him by making his existence on the show a nightmare of sorts. The actress is 40 years old.

Hina Khan is a former TV bahu. She began her career with Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta. After quitting the show, she was not regular in other television serials. She was seen in another reality show for the same channel (Colors) Khatron Ke Khiladi. The contestant who is playing the game in a very calculative manner is aged 31 years

And finally there is no introduction needed for Salman Khan, the one and only host of the Colors flagship reality show is 51 years. He is the man and the person for whom most of the audience watch the show during weekends.


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