Uma to conclude Saras’ final rites in Tu Sooraj….


Uma is angry on Saras, for cheating the family and marrying Vansh. Uma prepares the funeral pyre and keeps Saras’ photo. He calls the pandit. Pandit asks Uma why did he ask for all the puja items. Uma asks him to conclude the last rites puja. Kanak asks Uma what is he doing. Uma says I m going to do Saras’ last rites, I declare her dead for the family. The family receives a shock. Kanak tries to calm down his anger. She tells him that his anger is justified, but he can’t get blind in anger. She stops him from doing the rituals. Uma pushes her away.

Uma has taken a big decision against his sister. He is burning Saras’ pic and erasing all her memories. The family sees Uma burning the pyre. Kanak loses temper. She asks Uma to give her freedom as well. She tells him to free all his relations, end relations with all the family members. She scolds him. She doesn’t lose and stands in between his rigid decision. Saras had eloped and married Vansh, as Uma didn’t leave any option for her.

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