Had I been bisexual or gay, I would be proud of it, says Priyank Sharma


MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla star, Priyank Sharma entered with a bang in the Bigg Boss 11 (Colors) house, however, he was thrown out of the house within a week’s time after pushing Akash Dadlani in an ugly spat.

In a candid conversation with Priyank, the lad opens up about his stay, his equation with Vikas Gupta, behaviour of Shilpa Shinde, Arshi, other housemates and much more.

Priyank, how has the experience been in the house of controversies? There was a strong rumour mongering around your relationship with Vikas Gupta…

Well, it has been an amazing experience. This was my first reality show of 2017 and had many people supporting me. I have been a part of 3 reality shows with diverse formats and I must say, it has been a life changing experience for me.

With regards to Vikas, I did not feel bad that such a thing is being rumoured around because all of this is baseless and utter nonsense. I have been friends with Benaf (Dadachanji) and Vikas since I have worked with them. I got to know Hina (Khan) inside the house and I share an amazing friendship with each one of them. Talking particularly about Vikas, well logo ko jo bolna hai they can… but there is nothing except bromance happening. He is like an elder brother to me.

A lot of questions have been raised on your sexuality…

I am straight ya… I am completely straight! Even if I was bisexual or gay, I would be proud of it. Mein duniya ke samne bolta…why does anyone need to hide. Mein kab tak chupata agar hota bhi..kabhi na kabhi samne aa jata…but I am not, I am very much straight.

When Arshi Khan shamed you with names, why did we not see a reaction coming from your end?

Reaction aya na…end mein aya. Look, there was already too much of negativity in the house and it really did not make sense to fight. When Zubair (Khan) and Bandini had a problem, I explained them and helped them solve it. When Shilpa created a problem with Vikas, I explained Vikas and sorted things out between them. I used to handle things patiently and there were times when I retaliated too, but yes, in a different way. Yes, but I would like to say that Arshi is insane as you cannot make a joke on someone’s sexual orientation on national television. I could react to this but then I would never want to stoop to her level.

Do you think the class of some contestants coming on board is deteriorating year on year? Who do you think is the most negative person on the show?

We all are human beings and have our own strengths and weaknesses. And I would not say the class has dropped because there are very good contestants in the likes of Vikas, Hina and Hiten (Tejwani) too. If I were to say, Shilpa is the most negative person in the house. I understand she has a personal problem with Vikas and I have also seen how Shilpa troubles Vikas while he keeps clarifying and justifying. Shilpa has worked on shows earlier too where she has left on a bad note and given that, it would be very wrong to blame Vikas.

Forget that, if you have problems with Vikas keep it to him, why trouble the rest of us? She used to sing songs and trouble us at odd hours while we all were asleep and if we’d try to explain her she used to behave rudely.

Puneesh Sharma also pointed a finger at Vikas about him being involved into casting couch…

Do they even realise what they are talking? Vikas is a respected man who has been a part of this industry from years and they are pointing fingers? Being a part of the same industry, be it Puneesh or Shilpa, there has to be some amount of respect. Infact, Shilpa Shinde doesn’t realize what she is doing…Vikas has gone upto Shilpa requesting her to resolve the issue and also tried to explain her that it was not his decision to throw her out of the show but she keeps passing comments like nahi mein tera jeena haram kar dungi and all…I mean why do you want to pass such statements on national television? The show is being watched across age groups so why?

Tellygossip.net wishes Priyank all the best for his future endeavours!


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