I want to taste Lucinda’s lips, says Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani


Oh, the taste of Lucinda’s lips and Akash is on a ride, but wait, what if she turns out to be toxic? Oh yeah, we know the answer,it would be the taste of a poison paradise for him then. Innit? 

Wonder whether Cupid has struck the Bigg Boss house or it is just wham bam thank you mam, with Akash Dadlani. His flirting et al with Lucinda Nicholas and his behaviour might hint towards a development of infatuation with the gorgeous green eyed dish of a lady or his pants could just be on fire and it needs to be taken care of . Ooh la la…

While Akash blew some kisses to Lucinda and requested her to kiss him in a casual exchange of conversation, the latter took it lightly and declined politely.

However, looks like the jocund Dadlani just cannot get a grip on himself. In a particular video captured by one of the CCTV cameras installed in the BB mansion, Akash, in a conversation with Shilpa Shinde expressed that he wants (read – craves) to kiss Lucinda. Akash confided, “Mujhe Luci ke lips try karne hai…taste karna hai.”

While Lucinda has taken this lightly for now, we wonder how she would react if Akash happens to cross his limits given that he doesn’t seem to have a control on his lusty desire and his tongue.


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