Udaan 13th October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rannvijay tortures Chakor to get the truth out of her while Suraj is missing


Udaan starts with Chakor(Meera Deosthale) and Suraj(Vijayendra Kumeria)  having the long pending conversation. Chakor tells Suraj that Pratak Singh who was Kamal Narayan old friend has a son who is planning to avenge his father’s death by killing Suraj. Suraj asks who this son is and Chakor tells him that it is Rannvijay himself, she also tells him that he has kept her prisoner in the house and also does not let her speak to anyone. Suraj gets even more worried when he comes to know that Rannvijay has some obsession of getting the baby born in the house itself. Suraj asks her to get out of the house immediately. Chakor then tells him about what has happened with Preeti and also how he has kept the women in his house prisoners. Suraj says he would immediately come there but Chakor asks him to not do that as his life would be in danger. Suddenly Chakor’s phone is snatched by Rannvijay who braeks her phone. He asks her how she got the phone. Imli(Vidhi Pandya) rushes into Suraj’s room to find Suraj missing. Imli searches around for Suraj in desperation as Tejaswini is surprised by her worry.(Also Read: Chakor manages to call Suraj while Imli plans her next move)

Imli is sent away by Kamal Narayan to search for Suraj as he worries that his plans will go for a toss if Suraj is not found. Chakor is questioned by Rannvijay infront of the family. He tortures Preeti and the scares the others as he tries to get information out of them. Nobody speaks and finally he realises that itr must have been constable Mukul. He beats up Mukul infront of Chakor who tries in vain to stop Rannvijay. Mukul also does not speak after being brutally beaten up. Rannvijay then decides to seek other ways of torture. He makes the family eat chillies until Chakor speak the truth. Chakor finds a way out and says that one of the gusrads helped her and Rannvijay beats up the guard and throws him out. He warms Chakor to be careful of not making this mistake again and walks away. Chakor tells the family that now a new guard will come and then they can seek ways of escape from this house. Chakor remembers Suraj and misses being with him. She tells her child that once the child is born she and Suraj willl give him a good life together. Chakor just hopes that Suraj does not come to the house by any chance.


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