Wait, what? Luv and Sabsyasachi caught kissing in Bigg Boss 11 smoking room?


Bigg Boss 11 is all about drama, closeted homosexuals, hidden fantasies and scheming housemates. Thanks to all the drama created by the contestants. This season, in particular, has made headlines for quite some weird reasons. Viewers witnessed that the four Padosis: Luv Tyagi, Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sabyasachi Satapathy and Lucinda Nicholas entering the main Bigg Boss house. Their entry in the house has already created some shakeups amongst the housemates.

All the padosis have been able to stay in the limelight since they made their entrance in the main house. But one padosi is grabbing all the headlines is none other than Luv Tyagi. He became instantly popular even when he was in padosis house. But this time he is grabbing the eyeballs for all different reasons.

Luv Tyagi is a commoner contestant, who has become instant hits among the viewers. His performance is going viral on the internet. After entering the main house of Bigg Boss 11, he is playing very carefully and consciously. But he has many secrets, there is a lot more to him that viewers have seen till now.

Luv is someone, who never loses his temper. But that is going to change in coming episode. The closeness between Luv Tyagi and his fellow padosi contestant Sabyasachi Satapathy has already created some noise in the house after all both of them have spent so much time together. 

Now, the conbtestants have noticed the two of them spend alot of time in the smoking zone of the Bigg Boss house. Both of them usually chill out and do normal stuff over there. But the other housemates think that something is going on between these two. Some housemates have even claimed that they kissed each other in the smoking zone.

These murmurs actually reach to Luv and Sabyasachi, which didn’t go down well with them. He even got into heated arguments with the contestants for spreading wrong rumors about them. Get ready for some explosive drama, folks. One can see how the situation is going to tackle down by the housemates in the upcoming episodes.

For your information, Sabyasachi is openly gay and he loves cross-dressing. But it has never affected him in the professional career. He had a successful career while working in an IT firm and became famous TV personalities for the local channel in Odisha. He is a famous dancer and chef, he has even hosted multiple national shows.
However, we all know that during their stint in the Padosi house, Bigg Boss had given them a task. They have to prove to the actual BB mansion inmates that they are gay. Therefore, this kissing episode could also be a stunt they pulled to come across as gay lovers in front of the BB inmates. Is this the case or there is actually a fire burning between the two?


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