Chandra Nandini 16 October 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Bhim Dev possess Chandra and tries to sexually assault a maid


Chandra (Rajat Tokas) tells the doctor that Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) has been having strange visions and asks her to check when Nandini also adds that she sees a monkey doing somersaults. When the doctor picks a needle, Nandini says that she was just joking and gets up but Chandra stops her trying to convince her that she should get a shot. While Chandra is busy distracting Nandini, the doctor takes some blood from Nandini’s finger. Helena decides to change Nandini’s blood. Chitra comes and tells Bhadra that however Dharma behaved was uncalled for. Bhadra is confused as to why Bindusar (Siddharth Nigam) is against Dharma and Chitra asks Bhadra to speak to him once. He tells her that they will have to leave Magadh in a couple of days and she suspects that hee is hiding something from her.

Bhadra tells her that this is necessary and says that Mamaji was behaving very different today. He tells her how Chandra got really violent with him some time back. Chitra finds it hard to believe and asks him to speak to Nandini. Bhadra stops her and forbids her from saying anything to anyone. While walking towards his room, Bhim Dev possesses Chandra again and decides to throw Chanaya out of the kingdom or kill him. Meanwhile, he sees a maid and proceeds to molest her. He asks her to come to his room and she hesitantly agrees. He shuts the door behind her and despite her desperate pleas to let her go, he doesn’t stop. After the maid pushes him, he gets angry and slits her throat. (ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini 12 October 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Bindusar scandalizes Dharma by getting intimate with Charumati before her eyes)

He then realises what he has done and gets worried about people finding out. Bindusar lashes out at Dharma for taking advantage of being his wief. She gives it back to him by saying that he can’t behave the way he behaves with other women. She reminds him that she is not trapped in this marriage and it’s both of them. She tells him that he will have to lift her and climb the mountain. Just as she is about to leave he gets hold of her and threatens to kill her. She tells him that he loves hurting her so much that he will never kill her and storms out.

Helena overhears the doctor saying that if the blood sample turns black in an hour, it will mean that Nandini’s food has been adulterated all this while. Helena changes it with her blood in the absence of the doctor and is about to leave when the doctor enters asking what she wants. Helena makes an excuse and leaves. Meanwhile, Mohini panics on seeing what Bhim Dev has done. She starts scolding him and says that they have to be very careful of Chanakya. Bhim Dev loses his cool and tells her why he killed the maid.

When she further questions him, he threatens to kill her, too. She then tells him that they’ll have to get rid of her body and all the evidences. Chandra is walking towards her room and finds Chitra who tells her that they are leaving Magadh on Chandra’s orders. Nandini wells up on hearing Chitra complain and tells her that there is some misunderstanding. She promises to speak to Chandra about this and leaves for his room. Inside Chandra’s room, the two are busy trying to hide the body. Mohini asks him to check if no one is outside the room and he obliges.

When they find no one outside, they pick the body and are about to go outside when Nandini is entering the room. They hide the body immediately as Nandini approaches him to talk. She asks him why he is sweating when he says that it’s just hot inside today. She then asks him about Bhadra leaving Magadh. Chandra tells her that he did whatever he did for Bhadra’s safe future and his well-being. He also adds that Malayketu needs him more. She adds that Chandra is more like a father to Bhadra than anyone. When she insists, Chandra eventually agrees and Nandini hugs him.

Just then, she spots a trail of blood and gets suspicious asking him about it.


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