Firangi trailer: 10 moments that make us look forward to the Kapil Sharma comedy – watch video


The first trailer of Kapil Sharma’s second film, Firangi, was unveiled today. It was quite a beautiful tale set in the pre-Independence era, with a dose of comedy driving the narrative. We were left impressed by the short glimpse of the film. Ishita Dutta plays the female lead and the hero’s love interest. The way the trailer has been packaged, it is very interesting. There are plenty funny moments where we laugh at the expense of Kapil. Tension builds up as the turning point of the story is revealed. Music has been done right. I personally liked that hint of sepia tone used. Over all the trailer was very enjoyable.

More than that, Kapil was a motormouth at the trailer launch event and spoke up about many aspects of his life, which made us enjoy the day more. The trailer of the upcoming film is being loved by all. Use the hashatg on Twitter and you will find it flooding with praises.

In case you needed more convincing about we have compiled a list of 10 moments from the film that will surely make you want to book the tickets, right now. ALSO READ: Firangi trailer: Kapil Sharma is a bumbling traitor in this pre-Independence socio-comedy

First up, this hilarious moment when Kapil kicks the Britisher’s butt!


And again…


This seeimgly intense scene that turns funny in a second


This cute moment!


This silly yet heartwarming convo


This proud yet confusing moment!


This dance! We bet it is a dream sequence


And that would be the mystery girl?


Kapil’s Lagaan moment!


The detailing of the film is so nice. Look at that old currency note


ICYMI, Kapil wanted his ex-pal Sunil Grover to launch the trailer of Firangi. He said at the event held today in Mumbai, “Main chahta tha ki Sunil mera trailer launch karein. Maine unhe message kiya tha punjabi mein. So he asked me kahaan. Toh maine kaha ‘itthe’. Toh unhone reply back kiya ki woh abhi Canada mein hain.”


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