Naamkarann 30th October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Ali saves Neil just in time as Avni has a plan to save Mishti!


Naamkarann starts with Avni(Aditi Rathore) promising Mishti that this the last phase of their game and soon they would be out of this place and that she would take her to a place where she will get a lot of love and no one will ever hurt her again. Mishti asks her if she will also find the trainer uncle there. Avni tells Mishti that Neil (Zain Imam) will be there for sure and also he would gift her a doll which nobody will ever break. They get ready for the event. The event venue has very tight security which is personally overseen by Vidyut. Vidyut looks at pictures of DD and Neil. He knows Neil would be here and thinks that once he has his mother he will teach Neil a lesson. He calls Ballu who already is on his way with Ragini. Ballu tells Vidyut that Ragini has been accused of killing Meher/ Juhi. Vidyut is surprised as he knows Ragini in her present state will not be able to kill anyone. Vidyut knows that there is a game against him on. (Also Read: Ragini Pandit on the loose and Avniel in danger)

Neil looks at the venue and talks to his friends who are busy hacking into the security system so Neil can get in. Neil gets into the queue wearing mask. As he is just about to reach the counter he tells his friends to hurry up. The first swipe fails and the security asks him to step aside. Vidyut who is giving an interview nearby sees this as Neil gets into an argument with the security. His friends tell him that the hacking is done and Neil himself swipes the card which gets a positive response. He tells Vidyut that his security guys are disrespecting his own guests. Vidyut apologises and asks Neil to get inside. He though asks Neil for an introduction. Ali barges in and gets Vidyut engaged as Neil walks away. Mishti gets a life sized doll which her tukku maasi gave her. Avni gets an idea and gets the doll ready just like Mishti. The maid comes to get Mishti and Avni sends her away as she packs the doll in a big bag. She reaches the venue and makes Mishti sit at the chair prepared for her by Vidyut. Vidyut keeps a watch as Neil tells Avni that they need to distract  Vidyut. Neil purposely drops wine on the person who manages lights. Later he switches the lights off for a while. As the lights get on again the doll has taken place of Mishti on chair as Mishti hides beneath the table.


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