Naamkarann 1st November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Avni and Neil in the forest with Mishti


Naamkarann starts with Vidyut asking Neil(Zain Imam) where Mishti is and Neil asks him to shoot for all he cares and that he is not scared of death. Vidyut thanks him for reminding and shoots a person nearby. Neil panics and asks Vidyut to stop. Vidyut says he would shoot the man dead if he does not get information about Mishti soon. Ali interrupts and throws alcohol bottles in Vidyut’s direction and sets it on fire. Neil escapes in the confusion and ali too. Vidyut asks his men to get Neil, Ananya and Mishti to him at the earliest. Ragini calls Vidyut and tells him that Ananya is none other than Neil’s wife Avni(Aditi Rathore). Ragini tells him that she wants them all caught especially the little girl and that she does not want to lose. Vidyut promises his mother that he will definitely find the trio and make his mother win. Neil asks Ali to take the shot person to hospital as he himself will go to Avni and Mishti. (Also Read: Avniel and Ali manage to get Mishti out of Vidyut’s web!)

Avni and Mishti run to a storehouse and after  awhile Avni decides to leave. She is about to go when she sees some goons searching around. She takes Mishti and runs. She reaches the woods where she tries to hide around. Mishti asks for water. Avni makes the little girl stay and goes to get water. Neela prays for her children. Avni almost bumps into the goons when Neil pulls her to him. They hide as Vidyut with his goons search for them. Vidyut almost reaches them but walks away as he feels the sound was a snake. Neil tells Avni they should go to Mishti before someone else reaches her and finds her.


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