Naamkarann 3rd November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Juhi and Mishti enter back in Neil’s life


Naamkarann starts with Neil (Zain Imam) helping Vidyut with the diabetes injection. He says they are police officers and they do not make use of people’s weaknesses. Ali becomes conscious and Mishti is badly hurt. Avni(Aditi Rathore) calls out to Neil. Juhi desperately awaits Neil’s call as DD walks in and informs her that Avneil have managed to save Mishti. DD tells her that Neil and Avni manage to come out of any situation together. They are made forneach other,Juhi agrees to this. Mishti is taken to the hospital as Vidyut too is brought there. Juhi clad in burqa arrives there and she hides her face as she sees Vidyut. Vidyut looks at Mishti as Juhi starts walking towards her daughter. Avni pulls her away in time. Neil asks Dd to take Vidyut to the station and do the rest of the formalities there itself.

Bebe realises that Neil had even faked Juhi’s deat. Thet all get very angry and decide to take Neil’s case once he comes back. Avni asks Juhi why she was not thinking about their plan and how she could have ruined everything by stepping infront of Vidyut. Juhi tells her that she would never understand as she is not a mother. Neil tells Juhi they are taking Mishti home and then Juhi can visit her. At home the family decides to let Juhi stay witj Mishti for the night. Avni refises to forgive Neil for not reprimanding Juhi for trying yo ruin tejir plan. Neil tells her he had though he almost lost her even though he was aware all this was staged.


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