Naamkarann 6th November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Juhi witnesses an intimate moment between Avni and Neil


Naamkarann starts with Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Neil(Zain Imam) having a discussion about Mishti and Juhi. Avni tells Neil that he is the only one who can make Juhi understand that she has to keep her emotions at bay for the sake of Mishti and to bring Mishti back to normal life after the kind of tough life she has seen. Neil says that he would do as Avni wishes. Shweta informs everyone that Mishti has become conscious. All of them rush to Mishti’s room. Mishti sees Avni and hugs her. Avni introduces Mishti to the family. Mishti becomes friends with Juhi. Later Neil reaches the hospital for Vidyut’s reports. The doctor gets Mishti’s blood reports and finds out that Mishti blood group does not match with anyone from the family. Vidyut’s blood reports too arrive and doctor is shocked to find out that Mishti’s rare blood group matches with that of Vidyut’s. Neil’s officer gets the reports for him. Vidyut is questioned by DD and Vidyut in turn offers DD a job as security guard. DD hits him across his face.(Also Read: Juhi and Mishti enter back in Neil’s life)

Vidyut later talks to Neil who stands at the other side of the glass. Vidyut instigates Neil to come out and face him. Neil walks out and warns Vidyut to go away and not waste his energy. Vidyut warns Neil that he will not let Avni escape his wrath. Avni tries calling DD and Neil but neither picks up the call. Juhi walks in with a cup of coffee for Avni and asks her for forgiveness as she had almost ruined their plan in her emotions. Avni says it is fine and asks Juhi to be strong to let Mishti have a normal life. They hear a gunshot suddenly and Juhi runs to Mishti. Avni takes a vase in hand as she walks to the door. The door opens and Neil walks in, Neil sees his girl about to hit him. He tries to stop her by cornering her to a wall. They have an intimate moment which is witnessed by Juhi. Juhi becomes conscious and turns to walk away but bumps something over. Neil and Avni become awkward and so does Juhi. Avni tells her about the gunshot being some firecracker. Juhi goes on to sleep.


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