Naamkarann 7th November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Neel and Mishti’s love for Avni makes Juhi insecure


Naamkarann starts with Avni(Aditi Rathore)  trying to talk to Bebe and Shweta who avoid her and talk only to Mishti. They take Mishti inside saying they should go to Bebe’s room so as to avoid Avni. Avni gets very upset as Juhi walks up to her discussing about the diwali party they are planning for Mishti. Juhi sits down to make the list and Ali joins her. Ali tells her that he is happy to see her cheerful. Juhi thanks him and Avni with Neil for all this happiness. Ali gets a call and leaves while he asks Juhi to let Avni know that he will meet her later. Avni screams at Neel (Zain Imam) for being so cool about the family being angry. Neel tells her that he trusts her and she can handle it all and that he himself is very busy. Avni stomps off angrily. Neel laughs at her and says that he is busy but busy with trying to make his relationship with Avni complete. He has a gift ready for Avni. Bebe, Shweta and Neela talk to the doctor and try to find out more of Mishti’s health. The doctor tells her that they need to get Bebe’s blood reports too. Bebe says she would find the reports and get it.(Also Read: Juhi witnesses an intimate moment between Avni and Neil)

Avni relates a story to Mishti about herself and Dayawanti. Mishti later cries as she tells Avni that her doll has broken. Avni tells her that the doll is an angel and will mend itself. Juhi watches this and thinks about asking Avni or Neil to get Mishti a new doll. Avni again tries to speak to Shweta and Bebe but they pull her leg by trying to act angry. Later though Neela reveals that they are just acting. Avni heaves a sigh of relief as she walks away. Bebe and Shweta find her reports but see that Bebe will have to do the tests again. Juhi walks to Neel’s room so as to ask him to get a doll for Mishti. Neel is rehearsing his confession of love to Avni when Juhi watches him. Juhi feels awkward as she makes an excuse when Neel asks her if she wanted something. Later Neel calls Juhi- Avni and this hurts Juhi more. Juhi walks into Mishti’s room and asks her what she is doing. Mishti refuses to talk to her or speak to her but as soon as Avni steps in Mishti opens up to her. Mishti tells Avni about her family in which she has included everyone but Juhi. She refuses to acknowledge Juhi as a part of her family or even as a friend. Balu and Ragini talk about saving Vidyut from the clutches of Neel. Juhi feels very hurt and thinks that she only has Mishti in her life and now she herself has to get a doll for Mishti. She takes an auto to go to the market but drops her phone near the gate. Neel and Avni search around for Juhi and find her phone. Neel gets worried that Juhi must be kidnapped. Vidyut sneaks into Neel’s house and talks to Mishti. He tells her that he is her father and so no one can separate her from him. Avni walks towards Mishti’s room.


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