Naamkarann 8th November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Juhi gets upset with Avni making her feel guilty


Naamkarann starts with Vidyut telling Mishti that he wants to take revenge from Neel(Zain Imam) and Avni(Aditi Rathore), he says he would soon take Mishti away from Avni. Avni is walking towards Mishti’s room and Vidyut jumps off the window and goes off after scaring Mishti. Avni starts banging the door as she finds the door locked from inside. Shweta, Neela and Bebe arrive their and tells Avni that they were playing around with Mishti and probably Mishti wa strying to hide and locked herself up. Neela tries to talk Mishti into opening the door. Avni decides to break the door and somehow opens it up. She finds a very scared Mishti inside and hugs her. Mishti tells Avni that Sir was here. Avni and Neel discuss about finding Juhi before they do anything else. Mishti cries as she sees Avni scared and Neel consoles her saying he is Avni and Mishti’s superman and DD is their Batman. He says that he will protect both of them. Avni makes Mishti close her eyes as she plans to get her a surprise. Neel and the family see Juhi walking in happily as they are still worried over her. (Also Read: Neel and Mishti’s love for Avni makes Juhi insecure)

Neel lashes out at her saying how she could be so careless and just go out. Juhi is shocked to know that Vidyut had come to the house. She tells Neel that she had gone to get a doll for Mishti. Bebe saves Juhi from Neil’s wrath as she asks her to go and meet Mishti. Neel tells Juhi to find out about Ragini as he wants to arrest the mother-son duo together. Juhi gives Mishti the doll and thinks about ways to hide her lie from Neel. She thinks of how she should never let Neel know that Mishti is not his daughter but Vidyut’s. Avni walks in with Mishti’s repaired doll. Mishti suddenly throws away Juhi’s doll and takes Avni’s. Juhi gets upset and walks away locking herself up. Avni tries to talk to her but Juhi refuses to open the door. Neel tells her that he will talk to Juhi and she should not worry. Bebe, Shweta, and Neela find the surprise materials that Neel had prepared for Avni. Bebe and Shweta blame Juhi for ruining Neel and Avni’s plan every time. Neela too agrees with this. Juhi tells Neel that she just has just lost so much in life and now she has her daughter yet she cannot be close to her as she keeps running away from her. Neel tries to console her. Shweta, Neela and Bebe come there and tell Neel to go find Avni and they would take good care of Juhi in the meanwhile. Neel finds Avni in the kitchen throwing away custard. She tells him that she should go away from between Mishti and Juhi so that they can become close. Neel sees her very upset and decides to do something to cheer her up.


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