High Five Spoilers


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Namrata gets the camera for Rahul. Rahul checks the video of Indra’s death in the temple. He fails to get to know any clue. Rahul follows Gauri and gets to see her going to a secret temple for making prayers to Kaal Bhairav for the welfare of people. Rahul believes Gauri is a good person at heart. Indra’s friend Manoj holds a strong evidence. He tries to sell the real video for money. He goes to Pujari ji’s house at night. Manoj takes Minty for village celebrations. He sends Minty home, while he goes to the temple. Minty follows Manoj and gets locked inside the temple. Manoj manages to leave before time. Minty’s life falls in danger.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Aryan learns the shocking truth that he is Suwarna’s son, whom she has abandoned to be a dutiful mother for Kartik. He gets heartbroken. He gets revengeful against Kartik. Aryan has always longed for Suwarna. He thinks Kartik has never accepted Suwarna as his mother, even when she has always been a dutiful and loving mother for him, which she should have been towards her own son. Aryan pledges to take revenge from Kartik, who has snatched his mum. Aryan plans Kartik’s accident.

Udaan: Bhaiya ji gets angry when his plan fails. He can’t tolerate Chakor’s return. Chakor and Suraj have fun time on the way home, while Imli gets jitters thinking of her dreams shattering. Imli vows to knock off Chakor from her way. Suraj worries thinking of Chakor’s hidden enemy residing in Aazaadgunj. He wants Chakor and their child to be fine. He decides to nab the culprit and secure Chakor. Suraj tries to take the lift. Chakor feels nausea and refuses to take lift from any junk van. Imli sends her goons to kill Chakor, but Suraj saves Chakor in nick of time.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ashok informs Ishita that Simmi is giving wrong medication to Raman, which is costing him a lot. Raman gets suffering mentally and falls in depression, along with the memory loss effects. Ashok asks Ishita to go back in the family to stop Simmi. Ishita confronts Simmi for hurting Raman in such a way, by making him forget the relations and family, who meant him the world. Simmi admits her evil doings. She tells Ishita that she is doing this to take revenge from her. Ishita challenges Simmi to do anything, but she will not let Simmi succeed in hurting Raman and family.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Sudha makes Satrupa jealous by placing Baldev and her photo in cupboard. She then hands over the photo to Satrupa. Satrupa feels Anami should get love from the family, so that she heartily accepts them. Satrupa suffers from neck sprain. Anami heals her pain, which reminds Satrupa of Vatsalya, who was a doting son. Satrupa finds Anami and Narottam in Vatsalya’s room. She doesn’t want Narottam to be with Anami, but permits him to make Anami feel that they are not Narottam’s enemy. Satrupa plans to get Narottam on her side. She starts behaving good with him. Pujan thinks Sudha has troubled him by getting him bitten by the ants. He plans to trouble Sudha. Pujan and Avdhoot lay the trap, but Kamini gets hurt by mistake.

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