Naamkarann 9th November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Avneel get intimate but are interrupted by Vidyut


Naamkarann starts with Avni(Aditi Rathore) telling Neil(Zain Imam) that she has to get away from Mishti so that Juhi can get close to her. Neil tries to cheer her up in vain as she wlaks away in a huff. Neel thinks of doing something to cheer his wifey up. Juhi gets dressed like Mishti and Avni makes them sit together and play. They doze off together as Avni walks out of the room. Neel calls Avni and asks her to come out. She meets Neel who takes her to their apartment and gifts her a white gown. He tells her that he knows about her dream of getting married in a white gown and so he decided to do something special for her. He asks her to get dressed in the gown. Avni changes and comes out to find Neel gone. She hears the doorbell and opens it to find some police officers. They arrest her and take her away. At the station she sees DD and tries asking him about what is going on. DD says that she has been accused of stealing from the police department. Neel walks in and says that she has stolen his heart.(Also Read: Juhi gets upset with Avni making her feel guilty)

Neel then relives their meeting and step by step falling for each other through pictures. He then gifts her a ring and proposes her asking her to stay with him forever. Avni accepts his proposal and hugs him. They reach back to their apartment and Neel tells Avni that he has een planning all this from a very longtime but he did not know how to do it perfectly for her just so all his feelings could be laid bare before her. Avni again embraces him and tells him that she liked Neel’s ACP styled proposal and every bit of this surprise. They get intimate as Neel pulls Avni to him. Their romantic time is interrupted by the landlord of the apartment who tells Neel that the apartment has been bought by someone and the new owner wanted to renew the contract. Neel and Avni are shocked to see the new owner is none other than Vidyut. Vidyut walks in and tells Neel that he is sorry to interrupt their romantic time and he then sees Avni. He tells Neel that Avni looks very beautiful and Neel is a lucky man. He also states that he first met Avni when she was wearing a white wedding gown like now. Neel loses it when Vidyut does not stop complimenting Avni and her looks. Neel asks Vidyut if he has learnt this art of misbehaving with kids and women from his mother. Vidyut tries hitting Neel but Neel holds him back.


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