Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9 November 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Ishita understands that Simmi is the root cause of all problem


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) standing on the boat and wondering how Raman (Karan Patel) refused to recognise her. She recollects Raman slapping Aadi (Abhishek Verma) and feels pained. Ashok (Sangram Singh) asks Ishita if she is ok. She says I am not ok. Ishita says this is so confusing. She wonders how come Raman was not happy or angry on seeing her. She says she finds it weird. Ishita says he was not the Raman I know. She tries to explains to Ashok how Raman signed a deal with him. Ashok says she signed the deal for money. Ishita says his questions were so weird. Ishita says I feel Raman has been hypnotised by someone.

Simmi (Shireen Mirza) informs Param that Ishita was there. She says what if Ishita comes to know what we are doing to Raman. Simmi says we need the money from the deal but I will make sure that Ishita and Raman’s children are tortured the way my daughter Ananya died. Param tells Simmi to manage Raman and stay calm. Param thinks what is Ishita doing in Budapest with Ashok as investors. In Delhi, Mr Iyer tells his wife to eat something and says we should not bother about Ishita if she does not care about us. The bell rings and the Bhallas walk in. Santoshi asks Madhu where has she hidden her daughter and blames her for sending Ishita to Budapest with Ashok. Santoshi says I am not aware about all this. The two women have a fight. Kiran fights for Mrs Iyer saying that she does not know anything. Bala says I will get you guys thrown out. They leave and Romi begs for forgiveness.

Param thinks that if they don’t know that Ishita is in Budapest then she must have planned something. Aaliya is soaking in the sights of Budapest. She decides to apologise to Aadi but he is no mood. Aaliya strikes up a conversation with a random man to get Aadi’s attention. Aaliya tells Aadi to share his problems. He says sorry to her and says everything is wrong. He tells that Ishita is in Budapest with Ashok Khanna. Aaliya is shocked. In the evening, Ishita tells Ashok that she took her marriage vows with sincerity and she will fulfill them. She tells him what has happened in Raman’s life that he has become like this. Ashok says we have to plan something to bring you closer. Shagun asks Raman if he is alright and why he did not react on seeing Ishita? He does not react but says he is surprised to see her with Ashok. He says Ashok has a bad reputation from what he has read about him. Shagun discovers that Raman has forgotten details about Ashok.

Simmi comes there and gives him medicines. Shagun asks why are these medicines not over as yet? Simmi says she is following the doctor’s orders. Ishita calls up Raman and Simmi picks up the phone. She does not let them talk and Ishita is surprised. Ishita says no one is allowed to touch Raman’s phone and how can Simmi control her so much. Aaliya comes there and says everything has changed ever since you left us. Ishita and Aaliya have an emotional reunion. She asks her how did she get out of prison? Ishita says I got released a month back. Ishita asks Aaliya why is everything so changed? Aaliya says the business is in Param’s hands. Aaliya narrates the whole story to Ishita. She says even I want to know what is wrong with Raman. She says unless I spend time with Raman alone, I will not get to know anything. Aaliya says I will set up a meeting tomorrow in painter’s market tomorrow. Ishita understands that Simmi has ruined everything. She swears that she will stop Simmi from doing more harm and fix everything.


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