Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi gets a ‘zero’ tattoo on his forehead to save Hina Khan, Hiten Tejwani shreds his family photo for Akash Dadlani


Another week has begun on Bigg Boss 11 and like always it started with the nominations. And mind you, these were the most evil nominations of the season so far. So a tower was built in the garden area, and a phone was kept at the table up there. Every time the phone would ring, a contestant had to climb up and answer the call. First one was Hina Khan, who was informed that she has been nominated since she picked the phone. However, she had a chance to save herself if Luv Tyagi got ‘zero’ written on his forehead with the mehendi. Luv, who is close to Hina was obviously shocked at first, but then he did it for her and got her out of the danger zone.

Similarly, when Akash Dadlani picked up the call, he was asked to get Hiten Tejwani to shred the family photo that he got during Diwali with the help of a shredder that was given to them. Hiten being the sweet guy is completed that task and saved Akash. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Despite Salman Khan’s warning, Puneesh Sharma gets DESPERATE to unbutton Bandgi Kalra’s clothes – watch video

The worst was when Priyank Sharma had to go bald. So when Hiten climbed up on the tower, he was asked by Bigg Boss to get Priyank to shave his head. We know how during one of the nominations few weeks back, Hiten saved Priyank by nominating himself. So it was Priyank’s turn to return the favour, and he decided to sacrifice the hair on his head as Hina shaved his head off with the trimmer.

The creative team of Bigg Boss 11 surely knows how to play with the minds of the contestants. Clearly, tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 is not going to be an easy watch.


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