Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma is not the first to go bald on the show, here are others who shaved their head


Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 is sure to test relationships inside the house. Friendships will all be about an acceptance or a denial, about the yes and the no. Bigg Boss, like always, has twisted the round of nominations this time as well. Unlike other weeks, in the upcoming episode, there will be no system of naming the contestant who one would like to be evicted from the house. Instead, the makers of the show introduced a new task. Similar to what happened last year, the contestants were asked to take calls from Bigg Boss, who would then nominate them. And the twist? Well, for them to be safe from the nominations, they will have to get the other inmates to sacrifice something for them. When Hiten Tejwani’s turn came, Bigg Boss told him that he would be safe from nominations, only if Priyank Sharma went bald.

In a bold, errr, rather bald move, Priyank accepted it and got all his hair chopped off. Taking a cue from that, we list down several other Bigg Boss contestants who went bald inside the house, over the last few seasons…

Apurva Agnihotri

Again, a result of a task inside the house, Apurva decided to take up the challenge for a point, during one of the luxury budget tasks on BB7. The house was divided into two groups – heaven and hell. Armaan Kohli and Asif Azim were asked to name two contestants who would have to sport a mohawk to get a point for the ‘hell’ team. They picked Apurva and he, being a sport, decided to go ahead, while wife Shilpa Agnihotri was completely livid at his decision and threw things inside the house, out of anger.

Aman Verma

In one of the special episodes of Bigg Boss 9, Bigg Boss allowed special guests – Ali Quli Mirza, Sargun Mehta, Sana Khan and VJ Andy – to enter the house and torture the contestants. It was then that Ali challenged Aman to shave his head off and he readily agreed. While the guests expected Aman to back off, the TV actor went ahead and also claimed to have liked his new bald look.


Diandra Soares

While the other two contestants went bald, courtesy a task inside the house, Diandra shaved her head off, completely out of choice. She was spotted flaunting different hairdos inside the house and is known to be extremely experimental with her look. One fine day, the supermodel decided to shock everyone by calling bald. But she also wowed everyone with her never-say-die attitude. We love. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi gets a ‘zero’ tattoo on his forehead to save Hina Khan, Hiten Tejwani shreds his family photo for Akash Dadlani


Prince Narula

History repeated itself in the ninth season when a contestant (after Aman’s ‘bald’ move!) tried doing the same, one more time. In a survival task, where housemates go against each other, Prince was asked to shave his head off as well. And he did. Talk about a guy who would do anything for a task…


But not Gautam Gulati

Although this list is about Bigg Boss contestants who went bald inside the house, Gautam Gulati needs a mention for a different reason. Like Aman and Apurva, he too was asked to shave his head off, during a task. But he instantly refused to go that route. No points for guessing why!


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