Naamkarann 13 November 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: A helpless Neil releases Vidyut from the police custody


Neil (Zain Imam) scolds Vidyut for troubling his daughter, Mishti. Vidyut gets amused to learn that Neil thinks that Mishti is his child. Ali tells Juhi that if she wants to get close to Mishti then she will have to win her heart. Vidyut’s lawyer comes and asks Neil to back off. Juhi teaches Mishti how to make rangoli. She asks her to come with her to buy crackers. Mishti tells her that Avni (Aditi Rathore) has asked her not to buy crackers as it creates pollution. Shweta praises Mishti and tells her that Avni is always right. Juhi gets upset.

Vidyut’s lawyer tells Neil that he cannot arrest him without any evidence. Neil tells him that he tried to help his mother Ragini Pandit escape the prison and she is a convicted criminal. The lawyer tells him that it was Vidyut who called at his police control room and got his mother arrested. Neil hears the recorded call and gets stunned. A flashback is shown. Vidyut sees police’s tracker and decides to call and inform the police about Ragini’s location.Flashback ends.

Neela tells Shweta that she shouldn’t have hurt Juhi by praising Avni in front of Mishti. Shweta tells her that she will never be able to accept Juhi in her family. She says that even Mishti doesn’t want to befriend her. Juhi overhears their conversation and gets disappointed. She goes inside and replaces Avni’s vermillion with rangoli color. Avni comes there and tells her that Ragini Pandit and Vidyut have been arrested and they must celebrate. She takes her to the market to buy some fire crackers for Mishti.

Neil tells the lawyer that Vidyut cannot leave the city until they complete their investigation. Neil decides to call and alert Juhi. He comes home and tells his family that he has released Vidyut. He tells them that they will have to send Juhi and Mishti to Cananda as soon as possible. Shweta tells him that Juhi has gone out with Avni. He gets shocked. Avni and Juhi return home. Neil shouts on Avni for behaving irresponsibly and taking Juhi out.Avni gets upset and tells him that he should have told her that he has released Vidyut. Neil goes after her and tells her that she should have been more careful. Avni tells him that it’s because of his incompetence that Vidyut is walking freely in the market. Neil feels dejected and leaves. Shweta and Leela overhear their conversation and get worried. ALSO READ: Naamkarann 10th November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Neel loses his cool when Vidyut compliments Avni’s beauty


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