Bigg Boss 11 14th November 2017 Episode 45 LIVE updates: Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla sleep on the same bed


An emotionally gruesome nomination process has been introduced by Bigg Boss. Contestants have to complete an emotionally draining task to save another contestant from nominations. Priyank Sharma went bald to save Hiten Tejwani. Luv Tyagi had to get zero tattooed with henna on his forehead to save Hina Khan. After the task Luv goes and tries to remove the zero from his forehead. The condition of the task included that he should not remove the tattoo or try to hide it. So of course Bigg Boss get agitated and scolds the contestants for being unable to understand simple instructions. Hina Khan safety from nominations is withheld and she gets nominated. Luv writes zero on his forehead again after Arshi Khan proves that he used make up to hide it.

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma go inside the bathroom together. They continue with their dirty talks and late night kisses.

Next day contestants wake up to What is your mobile number. Hiten and Akash Dadlani get in an argument. Shilpa is the first one to pick up the phone when the task continues. Shilpa is told that she can save herself from nominations if Vikas Gupta destroys his favourite LOST BOY jacket. He is supposed to dip that jacket in paint. Vikas has a heart to heart with Shilpa and says that she kept irritating her despite him apologizing. Shilpa says that he is right and admits there were still held grudges against him. They both forgive each other. Vikas asks Shilpa to promise that she will work with him after the show. Shilpa refuses initially but agrees, later, with a condition that the work should be of a few days. Vikas then destroys his jacket.

Akash Dadlani says that Shilpa and Vikas’ fake fight got exposed. Arshi Khan is called by Bigg Boss as the next contestant.

Inside the house, Benafsha Soonawalla starts mocking Shilpa for crying over Vikas. Shilpa says that to live with people like her is a bigger task than anything. Bigg Boss asks Arshi to tell Shilpa that she has to destroy the photo of tiger sent by his brother on Diwali. Shilpa agrees. She apologises to her brother while dipping the photo in paint.

Puneesh Sharma has to make Bandgi Karla give up her clothes to get saved. Bandgi agrees. Puneesh gets saved from eliminations. Bandgi is next. She can save herself if Akash gives up his hair. Akash refuses. Puneesh begs in front of him to do the task. Akash agrees. He jokingly asks Bandgi why would she fall in love with him, she says that she should have fallen in love with him instead. Then Akash says to Puneesh that he is paying the price of his relationship with Bandgi.

Luv is next on the stand. He can save himself if Hina Khan destroys her favourite soft toy, which is almost with her for past 8 years. Hina starts crying. Luv tells her she doesn’t have to do the task. After some more crying Hina goes inside to get the toy. Shilpa looks at her and says ‘acting’. Hina brings the soft toy while Priyank consoles her. Shilpa and Arshi make fun of them for making it feel like a legit funeral. Hina says I Love You to the soft toy and destroys it. Luv is saved.

Next up is Vikas Gupta. He has to ask Arshi to sacrifice all her nighties to save himself. Vikas says that Bigg Boss is asking for her life. Vikas calls Arshi and breaks the news to her. After a moment of shock, Arshi agrees to do the task and save Vikas.

Next contestant is Sapna Chaudhar. She is nominated unless she asks Puneesh Sharma to wear her salwaar kameez for the rest of the week. Sapna first refuses to covey the message but after convincing from the contestants agrees to give the message. Sapna says that she will rather get nominated than make Puneesh wear her clothes. Bandgi says that this is not fair. Hina Khan tries to convince Puneesh to do the task. Puneesh says no to doing the task. Vikas Gupta asks Puneesh what difference would it make. Puneesh asks him he, too, will wear salwar kameez with him. Puneesh ultimately says no and Sapna gets nominated.

Total nominations are Sapna Chaudhary, Hina Khan and Benafsha Soonawalla.

Benafsha thinks that she is going out this week since other two are strong contestants. Priyank tells her to keep calm till the weekend.

At night Puneesh Sharma wakes up Hiten Tejwani to show him something shocking. Benafsha Soonawalla and Priyank Sharma sleep on the same bed.


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