Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra makes 5 interesting revelations about her life in her audition tape – watch video


Bandgi Kalra began as one of the weakest contestants on Bigg Boss 11. In fact, many thought that she’d be out in two weeks. But turns out she had the fire in her. She managed to find a place for herself  in the house and is now a strong contender of the winner’s trophy. Out of all her love life on the show and off the show has kept her in the news. One certain Dennis Nagpal claims that she was his girlfriend, while she has revealed nasty details of their past relationship and the reason they are not together anymore. Also, she is enjoying the company of co-contestant Puneesh Sharma on the show. Well we have dug out the audition tape of Bandgi that she sent to Bigg Boss 11 and it is quite a revelation.

Here are a few things the beautiful lady revealed in her audition tape:

“That depends who gets jealous of me – commoners or celebrities.” she says while answering a question about with whom she’ll get along better.

#She has lived in many cities including Panipat, a small town near Ferozpur, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh.

# Bandgi says that she can stand pretentious people.

I am fun loving. I can’t stand fake people and people who lie. I like who I like. I don’t get bothered when people poke me. I have a very stable mind. They can say anything, do anything, it doesn’t matter…I can ignore them as if they are dead. I don’t like people who lie. People who don’t have a penny to them and claim that they have a huge house and have so many girls. I can’t stand such people. I will stand up from the table but won’t sit with them.

# In her audition tape she also reveals that her dad is not happy and proud of her. And adds, she is participating on the show to make her dad proud.

My dad has always not been that proud of me that I think he should be. Being an engineer, I have been a studious one in college and got many off campus, on campus placements. I have been an events coordinator and placement mentor in college. But I never got that pat on the back from my dad. So I want to do something which will get me that pat on the back.

#She doesn’t get along well with girls

I don’t get along with girls. Actually, I get along with other girls, but they stop liking me after four days. Their boyfriend issue, crush issue…who end up liking me. So, girls and I are deemed to be enemies.

Watch it here:

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Let us see how long Bandgi Kalra lasts on the show. We have seen Gauahar Khan who had a raging affair with Kushal Tandon inside the house, go on and win her season. Can Bandgi repeat history?


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