Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma did the right thing shaving his head for Hiten Tejwani, feel fans


Looks like fans are pretty impressed that Priyank Sharma shaved his head to save Hiten Tejwani for the Bigg Boss 11 nominations. We conducted a poll yesterday asking you guys to vote and tell us if he did the right thing or not. 54% readers agree with Priyank’s decision and feel that he did the right thing. Priyank told Hiten that he owes him one for saving him (Priyank) during the previous nomination. The audience also agrees with him on this. The best part is that Priyank doesn’t even regret shaving his head one bit. Though quite a few people are mocking him for going bald.

We spoke to Priyank’s ex-girlfriend, Divya Agarwal, and she said, “Honestly, I don’t want to give any media bytes related to Priyank. Nothing at all. I’ve already announced my breakup everywhere and I don’t want to keep following that thing. I announced my breakup to get rid of this Priyank and Divya tag which is growing too much. In a lot of places he has mentioned that I’m just a good friend. Before going to the Bigg Boss house he was dating me and he said that. He said everything and he keeps changing his statements. So I don’t believe in his actions anymore.” (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Ex-girlfriend Divya Agrawal refuses to comment on Priyank Sharma going bald and we know why)

Here’s what fans had to say on Twitter.

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