Happy Children’s Day: Pearl V Puri, Kunal Jaisingh, Helly Shah, Tejasswi Prakash talk about what they loved doing as kids!


Childhood is the best part of anyone’s life. We do not necessarily need big things to make us happy. Our childhood happiness was in small activities or daily chores. On the occasion of Children’s Day, TV stars share about their cherish childhood activities which they enjoy even now.

Pearl V Puri
The craze of watching cartoons were an inseparable part of my childhood which continue to be one even today. I still enjoy watching my all time favorite ones like Tom and Jerry, Scooby Dooby Doo, Pokemon, Popeye , Johnny Bravo, the list would be just endless. Then collecting maximum number of cards of my favorite cartoon characters was another amusing job I loved doing and now I still save those funny characters as my desktop wallpapers.

Sara Khan
Birthdays were and even today are special affair. Just knowing it is a friend’s birthday it automatically bring smiles to my face. During childhood the evening birthday parties were fun filled days. But now midnight celebrations has became the craze. We wait for special one’s birthdays then and do now too patiently.

Aly Goni
I love and enjoy when I’m appreciated for my work. Well, during my academic years, every time I received my test paper after correction, the stars were the first thing I looked for and that continues even today. I love when people appreciate my work.

Tanya Sharma
I remember from childhood I would fight with my sister for the remote. We do it even now though we have our own set up. There is no happiness bigger than becoming the monitor and making her watch my favourite shows. Even love among us is same from then to now.

Kunal Jaisingh
Coloring classes gave me maximum joy. Coloring items, sketch pens, wax crayons, water colors were my prized items. I loved colouring books. Another curious activity that everyone loved doing as kids is connecting dots of figures and then coloring them.

Tejasswi Prakash
Rainy season was and is season of happiness. Splashing in puddles of rain water with friends was an enjoyable part of the rainy season. Jumping into the muddy puddles and splashing water on friends are some silly but crazy activities we still continue.

Suyyash Rai
I love to give the finishing touches to any activity. As a kid, I would love to stick the notebook stickers, which were purchased after a lot of thought. My parents would wrap the books with brown paper but this job was my copyright.

Helly Shah
Life is filled with a lot of competitions. As a student, I would be kicked about competitions and it is the same even now. Staying back after school for extra practice for events were extremely exciting.

Manish Goplani
Attending Physical Training (PT) classes wearing white canvas shoes during childhood was a thing of pride. I used to make sure that my shoes looked the best, so I carried a white chalk along to cover up the dirt. I am very fond of fancy gym shoes too.

Mahika Sharma
I feel since childhood I chew my nails whenever I’m worried or stressed about something. Which even happens now too. Even I forget at times now I have styled my nails and if I chew them it would waste all my money spend over it (laughs). Other is be it newspaper or book first I complete watching the images in it and than read the exciting ones.


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